RLS Hybrid Open Class

    Free open class! Come join us to see the Richard Lawson Studios approach. This class will be oversold, so come early!

    **NOTE, this class will be oversold, and seats will be available on a first come, first served basis, so arrive early!

    The approach is based upon moment-to-moment spontaneous work that is inspired by imagination, passion, and purpose, driven by a sense of reality, intelligence, and common sense, grounded in the patience to listen, the willingness to be affected, and the courage to ask the next question.  Richard Lawson Studios (RLS) instructors try to get the actor to be as personal (drawing from the circumference of their own life experience) as possible, even though they may sometimes be playing characters far removed from themselves, so that what they create will be original and unique, as it is coming from them and it is what they know best.  As the Latin verb to educate, educere, means to “lead out”, it is the intention of the RLS to lead the artist out so they can have, as Martha Graham says, “the gift of themselves.”

    On the surface, it is an acting school.  Underneath the hood, it is an empowerment academy.  We empower people to identify their dreams, then help them to achieve those dreams by providing the tools to get them there.

    Come and find out how Richard and his staff of teachers can help you create the career you want.

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