DDG Begs For Mercy After Halle Bailey’s Bank-Breaking Shopping Spree, Chloe Defends Their Relationship ‘Behind The Scenes’

    DDG flexed treating his “rich girlfriend” Halle Bailey until her six-figure shopping spree left him stressed: “It’s nowhere for me to run.”

    Source: Jacopo M. Raule / Getty

    It’s hard to tell if the YouTuber was trolling once again or truly trying to impress his R&B bae. Or maybe he had something to prove to all the haters who made “failed rapper” trend when he dropped his last music project. Although we’ve seen the comedic creator “shenan” before, and shopping spree looks like another shenanigan, big sis Chloe “loves” their relationship.”

    DDG started the day casually with a trip to Starbucks before surprising Halle with a shopping spree. Of course, Beyoncé’s protégé has some pretty expensive tastes. Halle skipped right over designer bags and clothes, going straight for the jewelry store to start.

    Source: Jacopo Raule / Getty

    The social media star captured their luxurious outing on Snapchat. In the captions, DDG channeled his inner Julis from Everybody Hates Chris as Halle quickly ran up the tab.

    “That looks expensive. I almost passed out when she said the price of the necklace,” he wrote about the $200,000 chain.

    They moved on to a lavish home goods store where the $500 teacups made him want to “abort the mission.” After looking for some clothes, Halle hilariously hit up yet another jewelry store.

    “They’re taking us to the back, man. How do I say we should go somewhere else, bro?” he asked his followers as they headed to a private shopping room.

    What tapped out first, DDG or his bank account? He jokingly called his credit card company to report it stolen and told them to freeze his account.

    “Any purchases that go through is fraud, ” he said.

    Check out Entertainment Tonight’s compilation of DDG’s shopping spree on Snapchat below.

    Everyone has an opinion on Halle and DDG’s relationship, but big sis Chloe approves so far.

    See what Chloe said about DDG & Halle “behind the scenes” and giving him “the talk” after the flip!

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