Viral Video Shows Groom Texting While Walking Down Aisle at Wedding | Watch

    A closeup shot of the bride and the groom holding hands at the altar

    *A viral TikTok video shows a groom texting while walking down the aisle on his wedding day, and social media users have questions. 

    As MadameNore reports, the clip posted on Cynthia Munze’s TikTok page shows a Nairobian couple tying the knot, but the soon-to-be-husband appears distracted with his cell phone. 

    “Anybody that important that you have to text walking with your new bride would have been at the wedding. And if they couldn’t be there, he could have at least waited until they got in the car. If the bride was doing this, y’all would have been telling him to focus on himself,” IG user, Brittany Jay, wrote in response to the funny video, per MadameNore.

    “True story. I was talking to my ex up until the day he got married. Didn’t know a thing until one of his cousins posted a Snapchat of the wedding. Dude told me he was in Florida visiting his dad. Dude had a whole African wedding on me. This is why this is so funny to me now that I’m healed and past that,” user Melissa Speaks added, MadameNore noted.

    The gf: What you doing today? I miss you.
    Him: Nothing. At a lil event. I can swing by later before I leave for vacation.

    — They’re Father, Stephine. (@Jus_L_4_Short) June 3, 2023

    On Twitter, one person wrote, “He couldn’t wait 2 min to pull his phone out? Now all his pictures/videos of their first walk out together—he’s glued to his phone. I wish we would be more ‘present’ in life.”

    Another user commented, “There is no reason to be on your phone while hand in hand with your wife walking out of the church, or on your wedding day at all. Put an away message on and enjoy the moment.”

    A third posted, “But was this lady so desperate for a ring to marry someone who clearly doesn’t love her.”

    If the groom texting on his wedding day isn’t disrespectful enough, the clip also shows him appearing frustrated that his beautiful new wife needs help walking out of the venue.

    Watch the short clip below:

    This is how people get shocked to hear that their boyfriends got married cause they will be talking with them the entire time.

    — Karabo Mokgoko (@Karabo_Mokgoko) June 3, 2023

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