TikToker Upset Over Black Americans ‘Afrisplaining’ Africa to Africans (Watch)

    @not_africanhippie makes a TikTok video about Black Americans ‘Afrisplaining’

    *A TikToker, fed up with Black Americans “Afrisplaining” Africa to people born and raised in Africa, has taken to the platform to voice her frustration.

    Per Singapore’s The Independent News & Media, TikToker @not_africanhippie states that an American wouldn’t even be able to list five countries in Africa, let alone the culture of each individual nation.

    With a pained, sarcastic smile, she begins the video: “You know what I find absolutely hilarious? When an American … raised in America … whose culture is American … tries to Afrisplain Africa to an African. Yet if I asked you to name me five countries in African off the top of your head, you probably can’t.”

    The outlet cites a study from UC Berkeley professor David C. Koelsch that found relations between African immigrants and Black Americans include stereotypes of African Americans viewing Africa as a problem continent suffering from war, famine, and tribal divisions.

    Meanwhile, Following a significant number of African immigrants were also found to emphasize their national or continental origins in order to be seen as “foreigners” by white Americans. By doing so, they hope to receive more favorable treatment from white individuals compared to the experiences faced by Black Americans.

    View the study here and @not_africanhippie’s TikTok below:

    @not_africanhippie Replying to @akosuapomaahappiah #PanAfricans #meh #culture ♬ AFRICAN DRUMS 1 – Cavendish

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