Florida Mom Who Complained About Amanda Gorman’s Inaugural Poem Busted for Antisemitism

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    *The Florida mother who complained that Amanda Gorman’s poem “The Hill We Climb” is hate speech, which prompted a high school to restrict access to the works, was busted for posting antisemitic memes on her Facebook page.

    Daily Salinas is now apologizing, claiming she has “love” for the Jewish community, Jewish Telegraphic Agency reports.

    “I want to apologize to the Jewish community,” Salinas told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency on Wednesday. According to the outlet, she was called out for sharing portions of “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” on social media, which is “a notorious antisemitic forgery written more than a century ago in Russia,” JTA writes.

    “I’m not what the post says,” Salinas said. “I love the Jewish community.”

    Her March Facebook post was uncovered after the Miami Herald identified Salinas as the parent in Miami Lakes, Florida, who called for a ban on Gorman’s famous poetry piece. In her complaint, she listed the author of the poem as Oprah Winfrey, TMZ reports.

    Gorman became America’s golden child after she read “The Hill We Climb” at President Joe Biden’s inauguration. After Salinas complained about it, the Bob Graham Education Center in Miami Lakes will now only allow middle schoolers at the K-8 school to access the poem, which was published as a short book.

    Gorman reacted to the move in a statement shared on Twitter Tuesday.

    “I wrote The Hill we Climb so that all young people could see themselves in a historical moment,” she wrote. “Ever since, I’ve received countless letters and videos from children inspired by The Hill We Climb to write their own poems. Robbing children of the chance to find their voices in literature is a violation of their right to free thought and free speech.”

    Gorman shared a copy of the parent’s complaint online and in it, Salinas claims the poem has “indirect hate messages” and could “cause confusion” and “indoctrinate students.”

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