SMH: Walgreens Employee Reportedly Shoots Pregnant Woman 8 Times– Claims She Was Shoplifting

    Walgreens Source: Justin Sullivan / Getty

    When it comes to shoplifting many companies tell their employees not to chase thieves or put themselves in danger. Mainly because you never know what can happen and employee safety is always what matters most. Plus putting yourself in danger over products that cost them a few dollars just isn’t smart. According to TMZ, a worker at a Nashville Walgreens did the opposite and took matters into his own hands.  21-year-old team-lead Mitarious Boyd reportedly shot 34-year-old Travonsha Ferguson trying to stop an alleged theft in progress.

    Boyd allegedly admitted to investigators that he fired his weapon at Ferguson and another woman during a chase to their car. He claims they were unloading stuff they just stole from Walgreens. Surprisingly he claims his life was in danger when one of the women sprayed him with mace. Ferguson who was 7 months pregnant was struck by the gunfire 8 times. Twice in each leg and four times in the stomach, luckily her baby wasn’t hit by gunfire. Afterward, her friend took her to the ER where she underwent an emergency C-section.  Now she and the baby are both in critical condition.

    For now, the D.A. is reviewing the Walgreens employee’s claims, especially his reason for using a firearm. This story is receiving major attention online and in Nashville with upset citizens pointing out the alleged “no chase” policy.

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