Kanye West’s Donda Academy Students May Have Transfer Issues | Video

    Donda Academy students

    *Students trying to high-tail it out of Kanye West’s Donda Academy school may not be able to transfer their credits to another school.

    In an interview with TMZ, former Donda teacher Cecilia Hailey says that not only are students at West’s unaccredited private school severely behind academically, but they may fall further behind when attempting to transfer out because students are not given traditional letter grades.

    This makes it difficult to know where exactly to place the transfers.

    Cecilia and her daughter, Black women, are suing Donda Academy after claiming they were fired from their teaching positions due to their race, and for calling attention to the school’s health and safety code violations. West is named in the lawsuit.

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    Per TMZ, Cecilia’s lawsuit claims Donda Academy didn’t have a janitor or a school nurse, had no trashcans outside classrooms or in the kitchen, and that student medications were stored in a closet with other expired medications unsecured. Additionally, TMZ says the lawsuit claims “there are no lesson plans or proper disciplinary procedures in place, resulting in students going undisciplined for multiple instances of bullying and physical assaults against peers and teachers.”

    The teachers claim when they complained to higher-ups, they were threatened not to reach out to Kanye. The women say they were ultimately fired in retaliation and due to racial discrimination.

    They also claim their paychecks were often short up to $2,700 per pay period, so West is being sued to recoup their financial loss.

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