Bigger, Better And More Black Ladies Than Ever: Robin Thede Expands ‘Black Lady Sketch Show’ Universe In Season 4 Premiere

    The Black Girl Magic, melanin, and yssup are popping harder than ever in the season 4 premiere of Robin Thede’s A Black Lady Sketch Show!

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    The wait is over for another hilarious helping of HBO’s hit comedy which returned Friday, April 14. A Black Lady Sketch Show is back with favorite characters, fresh faces, and a star-studded new season. In a recent interview with Variety, creator, writer, executive producer and star Robin Thede promised to expand the “Black Lady Cinematic Universe.”

    “A @BlackLadySketch Show” Season 4 is nearly here!

    Before you watch the season premiere (TONIGHT!) @robinthede and I discussed how this season expands the “Black Lady” cinematic universe…

    — Angelique Jackson (@angelique814) April 15, 2023

    “These women play hundreds of characters in so few episodes, and they’re so talented, we keep talking about the Black Lady Cinematic Universe,” Thede said.

    “It’s about expansion and what our creativity can create, for good or for evil. It feels like we’re in an era of self-creation, of defining what this universe can be and removing any limitations that we may have had.”

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    A Black Lady Sketch Show Brings A Bigger Cast And Endlessly Entertaining Guest Stars

    The cast expanded to six, with newcomers DaMya Gurley, Tamara Jade and Angel Laketa Moore joining ABLSS alumni Thede, Gabrielle Dennis, and Skye Townsend. In addition to the core Black Lady lineup, this season features D-Nice, Derek Fisher, Quincy Isaiah, Gina Torres, and fancast favorites Debra Wilson and Kym Whitley.

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    Thede revealed the secret to booking so much great talent is extending an invitation to the hottest stars in Black Hollywood and fitting their availability into their schedule. She said the season 4 premiere sketch about the birth of Jesus is a perfect example.

    “That’s what it takes on this show — people who just throw caution to the wind and are game to play. Kel Mitchell is a perfect example of that. That character was written the way he played it, but we never envisioned it as funny as how he makes things. He’s just a national treasure.”

    Tank, Kel Mitchell, and Jay Ellis guest star as the Three Unwise Men. They join the “disciplettes” from “The Last Supp-her” and “The Res-herrection,” who are hating from outside the club after Jesus’ birth.

    “Mary, we just came here to worship the Lord and join his flock,” said Thede’s character Priscilla. “Why you flock-blocking us?”

    “Flock-blocking? I’m not flock-blocking! Oh no, I’d never flock block!” Dennis’ already infamous Mary Magdeline said.

    Check out the super funny full sketch below.

    Your prayers have been answered! The Bible Ladies of #ABLSS are back but this time they have company. Guest stars @TheRealTank, @Iamkelmitchell, and @JayREllis join them on their latest miracle mission in this EXCLUSIVE FULL SKETCH and first-look at Season 4!

    — A Black Lady Sketch Show (@BlackLadySketch) April 9, 2023

    After the endless girl group drama on Queens of R&B, the ’90s-inspired girls’ trip music video is right on time. The sketch took advantage of the multitalented cast with Dennis’ dance moves and The Voice veteran Jade’s flawless vocals.

    Girlsssssss Tripppp #ABlackLadySketchShow

    — Robin Thede (@robinthede) April 15, 2023

    Omarion and his luscious locs also blessed the season 4 premiere like you’ve never seen him before. The only thing more impressive than his dance moves is that he kept a straight face in the scene.

    Get ready for @Omarion….and LaDonna’s big booty 🤣 #ABlackLadySketchShow

    — Robin Thede (@robinthede) April 15, 2023

    A BLACK LADY SKETCH SHOW is still phenomenal TV four seasons later. More than ever, this year feels like the cementing of a legacy built by Robin Thede. This isn’t a 5 or 6 season thing. It’s decades of sketch that will continue to birth more powerfully funny black women. Loved.

    — Clayton Davis (@ByClaytonDavis) April 14, 2023


    The series known for breaking boundaries and making history in Hollywood isn’t holding back. As the ABLSS promo says, “Three Emmys aren’t enough.” The award-winning series pushes the envelope even more for its new six-episode season.

    Catch new episodes of A Black Lady Sketch Show Friday nights on HBO and HBO Max.

    What do you think of the season premiere of A Black Lady Sketch Show? What favorite characters and sketches do you hope will return for season 4?


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