Blacked Out: Nick Cannon Thinks ‘Black Women Are Upset’ With Him, LaNisha Cole Reacts To Him Forgetting Their Daughter Onyx

    Ncredible Inseminator Nick Cannon feels the heat from Black women’s criticism. And it’s only increasing after he forgot his daughter Onyx with LaNisha Cole. Yikes!

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    The media mogul seemed like a convincingly capable father of 12 until this week. Nick’s father Abraham adventures got him in trouble again when he forgot one of his kids in a recent interview. LaNisha responded to him missing the name of their daughter Onyx, his only child unambiguously Black on both sides. If Nick thought Black women were “upset” with him before, they’re really on his a** now!

    Howard Stern asked Nick Cannon to name as his kids and Nick forgot one…the name of the only baby he had by a Black (on both sides) woman. Interesting…

    — The Harlem Shimmy (@Say_Yes_2theJes) April 13, 2023

    Nick appeared on the Howard Stern Show to promote his new morning show with baby mama Abby De La Rosa. Abby is the mother of their twin boys Zion and Zillion, and daughter Beautiful Zeppelin. However, the only baby everyone’s talking about is the one Nick left out when quizzed on their names.

    Nick Cannon struggles to remember all of his 12 children’s names

    — HipHopDX (@HipHopDX) April 13, 2023

    “I can name all… Of course! Can’t you name all of your kids?” he confidently quipped in the now-viral clip.

    Nick’s turban must’ve been tied too tight because he didn’t list Onyx. Internet skeptics already questioned his ability to juggle a dozen kids in 6 households. The fact that he remembered the other 11 biracial babies only made them roast Nick even harder.

    They said Nick Cannon forgot the name of his only Black child

    — Tamantha 👸🏾 (@Tamantha_5) April 13, 2023

    What did LaNisha Cole have to say about Nick Cannon forgetting their daughter Onyx? Find out after the jump!

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