Black Man Gets 70 Year Prison Sentence in Texas for Spitting at Cops

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    *A Texas man has reportedly been sentenced to 70 years in prison for spitting at police officers during a 2022 arrest.

    The incident occurred last May when Larry Pearson, 36, was arrested on domestic violence charges after allegedly repeatedly striking a woman in the face and leaving her with “multiple visible injuries,” according to

    Pearson allegedly threw a wild tantrum when Lubbock police refused to arrest the victim. While detained in the police cruiser, he reportedly kicked the door and spat at two cops who demanded he stops. Pearson continued to spit at officers once at the Lubbock County Detention Center.

    Pearson, who had prior convictions, was ultimately found guilty of two counts of harassment of a public servant.

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    Texas man Larry Pearson sentenced to 70 years in prison for spitting at police

    — SAY CHEESE! (@SaycheeseDGTL) April 13, 2023

    The prosecutor asked the jury to send a message to both society and the suspect during the closing arguments.

    Due to his prior convictions for aggravated robbery and family violence, Pearson faced a minimum sentence of 25 years. He ended up getting 70 years in total.

    “If you’re going to live the life of crime, you’re going to do that among other criminals [in prison],” prosecutor Jessica Gorman told the court, according to

    “You’re not going to get 70 years for something like this when you’ve never been in trouble before,” Gorman said.

    The 70-year sentence sparked mixed reactions on social media. Check out what some users had to say below:

    A Black man…

    Larry Pearson got 70 yrs for spitting at police

    Yet cops…

    Amber Guyger got 10 yrs for murdering Botham Jean

    Jason Van Dyke got 6 yrs for murdering Laquan McDonald

    Derek Chauvin got 22 yrs for murdering George Floyd


    — Bishop Talbert Swan (@TalbertSwan) April 14, 2023

    This is a prime example of why Black Americans must fight against a “White Judicial Systems” having any say over criminally punitive measures being administered to Black American. That responsibility should be solely at the hands of other Black Americans.

    — Denmark Vesey (@DenmarkVesey4) April 14, 2023

    This guy, Larry Pearson, clearly has problems and needs a serious and effective intervention. But spending the rest of his life, and eventually dying in prison?! This will help no one – what a waste. Prosecutor Jessica Gorman should be disbarred.

    — Joshua Robert Wiese (@jrwiese) April 14, 2023

    Let’s put this sentence into perspective. A white male, child rapist receives ten years. A black male, Larry Pearson has just received a 70 (SEVENTY!!) year sentence for spitting at a cop. The insanity.

    — Sim (@huckleberry_Sim) April 14, 2023

    As Texas Gov Abbot prepares to pardon a white man & convicted murderer for killing a peaceful BLM protestor—Texas sentences a Black man to 70 years in prison for “spitting at police” to “make an example out of him.”

    Systemic white supremacy is thriving in the GOP. Horrific.

    — Qasim Rashid, Esq. (@QasimRashid) April 14, 2023

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