#JusticeForShanquella: Family Plans D.C. March After Feds Refuse To File Charges, Lawyer Sue-Ann Robinson Releases Statement

    Source: Shanquella Robinson via Instagram / Instagram

    They don’t want to hear us, so we’re going to have to make more noise.

    Shanquella Robinson is in danger of not receiving the justice that she and her family so richly deserve because the United States government has deemed the evidence insufficient. Despite the viral video that shows the graphic depiction of how she was beaten and who she was beaten by, the U.S. Attorney’s Office has declined to press charges against her known assailant. Moreover, the feds have failed to lift a finger to assist in the extradition of DaeJahnae Jackson, the “friend” who was seen attacking Shanquella, despite Mexican authorities issuing a warrant for her arrest.

    According to a Newsweek article, attorney Sue-Ann Robinson says that Shanquella’s family is planning to march on Washington, D.C. next month in a protest response to yesterday’s announcement that no criminal charges will be filed. Robinson also released a public statement of her own decrying the feds’ lack of action on a young Black woman’s behalf.

    Via Advocate Media:

    “There are U.S. and Mexican autopsy reports which show a difference in findings. These discrepancies can be credited to the delay in investigation by U.S. officials, who conducted the autopsy once Shanquella’s body was embalmed. When an investigation is delayed, the hard evidence to support prosecution diminishes, but in this case, that is due to the U.S. not considering this case to be a high priority. ​
    “While it is discouraging for the loved ones of Shanquella that their own F.B.I. will not be pursuing charges against Shanquella’s aggressor, it is our stance that justice is still possible for her death. There is still a chance at justice in Mexico. Mexican prosecutors have issued arrest warrants in this case and are willing to pursue charges. We strongly encourage The United States to prioritize facilitating extradition of those responsible for her death to Mexico to face accountability there.
    We’re not about to take our foot off their necks. Something needs to be done. #JusticeForShanquella
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