The Pulse of Entertainment: Famed Actor Park Sang-won’s Photography Exhibits at the EK Art Gallery

    Famed South Korean actor Park Sang-won presents his ‘Shadow and a Scene’ Photography exhibit in Los Angeles.

    *“Even before acting I started out as an artist of photography in high school,” said South Korean icon Park Sang-won (Eyes of Dawn, “Dancing with the Stars South Korea”), translated by his daughter Jasmine Park-won, about his photography exhibit titled “A Monologue, a Shadow and a Scene” at the E.K. Art Gallery in Los Angeles now and until the end of April. “But I was successful first in acting…I wanted to expand into the arts in general. I started my exhibits before this U.S. exhibit.”

    Park launched his photo exhibit in 2008 called “A Monologue.” His U.S. exhibit consists of 40 photographs that capture scenery in Seoul, Jeju Island, Iran, Nepal, and New Zealand.

    “What attracted me, and I have seen a lot of artworks, is he uses multi-media. There’s a unique angle and depth. There is a romantic side to his photography…the shadows and lights. It’s here until the end of the month,” said Brenda Lee, E. K. Art Gallery curator, about Sang-won’s exhibit.

    When I asked why the gallery is featuring the works of Park Sang-won she said, “He is famous in Asia. He’s done it all, acting, theatre….He has a one-man show. He was gracious to let me see his photography work. I was so impressed. The gallery is more focused towards mother nature. Lots of oceans, mountains, snow, and flowers. Mother nature is our discussion piece.”

    Founded by Director Eunice Kim, the E. K. Art Gallery is a community-inspired venue located in the heart of Koreatown established for emerging and established artists to showcase their creativity. The 20,000-square-foot gallery, with plenty of parking space, has a team that works constantly with artists and curators about fine art exhibits and cultural events to provide support and resources.

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    “He has held exhibits in Denmark…on climate change…environment issues within the last year,” Brenda added.

    “I have always seen photography as another form of acting,” Park told me when I asked if his acting put a different spin on his lens/focus. “A form of a genre of photography. From my musical theatre experience and as a dancer…forms a unique aspect.”

    “He is writing his own chapter being an actor,” Brenda said. “He has been in front of the lens and behind the lens. He has another perspective of the lens.”

    The one-man show of Park’s that Brenda mentioned is called Contravath, a monodrama depicting the joys and sorrows of underprivileged artists based on the works of German writer Patrick Suskind. Sang-won is famous in Asia for his dramas and television series. He currently serves as a judge on Dancing with the Stars (South Korea). His love for photography started in high school when his sister brought him a camera 30 years ago.

    “He has nonprofit groups, World Vision and Concert Korea Center Foundation,” Brenda told me. “ He goes to Africa, the desert…Mongolia…travels and takes pictures…that are profound…a must-see.”

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