#MAFS Exclusive Clip: Shaq’s Mom Makes It Clear That Kirsten Should Be More Supportive—‘You’re Not Supporting Him’

    A Married At First Sight season 16 wife is having a tense convo with her mother-in-law and BOSSIP’s giving you an exclusive first look.

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    During tonight’s episode of #MAFS airing at 8/7 c on Lifetime, viewers will see Kirsten having a FaceTime convo with Shaq’s mom.

    Last week we saw the couple clash over Kirsten suggesting that Shaq buy them a house since she’s seen other husbands do the same for their wives. Kirsten also struggled to answer a question about whether or not she thinks Shaq is masculine.

    Later, Shaq admitted to producers that he’s not necessarily “happy” in his marriage and instead is questioning whether his wife truly supports him especially since she didn’t travel with him to a work obligation in Memphis.

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    Now Kirsten’s lack of support is taking center stage again, as Shaq’s mom Ms. Nina weighs in with her opinion.

    Married At First Sight Season 16 Exclusive Clip

    In an exclusive clip from tonight’s episode, we see Kirsten chatting with the matriarch who doesn’t seem too pleased with her daughter-in-law.

    She clearly caught wind of Kirsten not traveling to Memphis with her son and she’s laying down the law.

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    “You need to be more supportive,” says Ms. Nina flat out. “It’s some miscommunications going on, you’re not supporting him the way that he would like to be supported. I know he really wish you would have been there with him this past weekend.”

    “We had a long conversation about that,” says Kirsten. “You know I even apologized to him, I was like ‘Well, I’m sorry I wasn’t there physically.’ We just had a miscommunication.”

    Source: Kinetic Content / Married at First Sight

    When the concerned mom then asks if Kristen has “been there for him since”, Kirsten confirms that she has—because she sent Shaq affirmations.

    “Throughout the day I sent him affirmations,” says Kirsten. “Because I know he likes affirmation sometimes.”


    Ms. Nina doesn’t look too convinced, but Kirsten is adamant that she’ll work on being a more supportive spouse and Ms. Nina agrees that it’s the right decision.

    “Support him,  that’s number one. He’s really under a lot of stress right now,” says the mom. “He needs you more than anything.”

    Source: Kinetic Content / Married at First Sight

    Take an exclusive look below.


    Do YOU think Kirsten is supporting Shaq in this marriage? He apparently still has doubts considering that he’ll take issue with his wife’s nonchalant reaction to him making a big reveal.


    There’s lots more to unpack when it comes to these two.

    A new episode of Married At First Sight airs TONIGHT Wednesday, April 12 at 8/7 c on Lifetime!


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