‘The Lies, The Lies, The Lies!’ Kandi Claps Back At LaTocha Scott’s Claim That Mama Joyce Told Her To ‘Stop Singing’


    Kandi is denying a claim that her mother made a shady singing remark to her Xscape groupmate.

    Source: Bravo

    The Real Housewife of Atlanta/Xscape songstress recently took to “Kandi Koated Live” to dispel LaTocha Scott’s allegation that Mama Joyce flat-out told her to “stop singing” on Instagram.

    As previously reported Scott, 49, told Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live that Kandi’s mom has not changed since they were teens, and in fact, recently sent shade her way.

    “She actually called me to tell me to stop singing,” said the singer who’s continuing to battle allegations of stealing $30K from her sister. “She said, ‘Stop singing. You’re causing a lot of friction.’ So, no, she hasn’t changed.”

    Xscape member LaTocha Scott-Bivens claims that Mama Joyce told her to stop singing.https://t.co/gAjePs3Ad1 pic.twitter.com/aG6Q3tvDbf

    — WWHL (@BravoWWHL) April 10, 2023

    According to Kandi however, the Mama Joyce moment flat-out did not happen and she asked her mother about it directly.

    “I ain’t never called Tocha, I don’t have her phone number!” Kandi recalled her mom saying. “I don’t even know how to use social media like that, how I’mma tell her to stop singing on social media?!”


    She also added that Mama Joyce dispelled the claim that she told her not to sing specifically on Instagram.

    “I didn’t tell her to not be singing on the Instagram!” Kandi said her mother stated. “I don’t even have her phone number, how am I supposed to call her?!”

    ” I don’t know what Tocha’s talking about,” Kandi added noting that Tocha change her number and she’s confident that her mother doesn’t have the new digits.

    “I was like ‘the lies, the lies, the lies!” she added alongside DJ A-One referencing her previous #RHOA reunion comment.



    She also dispelled LaTocha’s claim in TheNeighborhoodTalk’s comments and labeled it “BS.”

    “This is some bulls***,” wrote Kandi. “My mom has not called her.”

    Kandi has spoken. Don’t play with her man, kids, moma …. And food 😩🤣#xscape #thequeensofrb #RHOA #kandiburruss pic.twitter.com/Ni8is2Riov

    — KandiBurrussFanpage (@kandiburrussFP) April 10, 2023

    LaTocha has yet to respond.

    What do YOU think about Kandi dispelling the Mama Joyce “stop singing” shade claim?

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