Swifties…Assemble! Notorious Seed Spreader Nick Cannon Says Newly Single Taylor Swift Could Be The Mother Of His 13th Child

    Even after a dozen kids, Nick Cannon isn’t turning down the idea of welcoming another one.

    Source: Emma McIntyre / Getty

    The Masked Singer host made an appearance on The Howard Stern Show on Monday, where–unsurprisingly–the topic of his huge family came up. The father of 12 was then asked what he would do if newly singly Taylor Swift was hypothetically into the idea of having a child with him, to which he was not opposed.

    “I’m all in,” he joked after host Howard Stern asked the question.

    “First of all, she’s an amazing songwriter. What I do love about Taylor Swift is that she has been so vulnerable and open with all of her music,” he said about the pop star.

    The 42-year-old went on to explain that he and the “Anti-Hero” singer have “very similar” dating experiences, all of which have been in the public eye.

    “I think she would relate to me very well,” the Wild ‘N Out creator explained. “We probably will understand each other.”

    Cannon went on to joke that his “Spidey senses” began to tingle when he heard that Swift and her longtime boyfriend Joe Alwyn called it quits last week, saying the idea of having a baby with the 12-time Grammy winner “would be amazing.”

    As Nick warms up to the idea of bringing another baby mama into the mix, he’s also starting a business venture with the mother of three of his children. On Monday, Cannon launched The Daily Cannon, which costars Abby De La Rosa and Mason Moussette, a radio vet who last worked in Dallas.

    De La Rosa is also a radio vet, working for Real 92.3 years before welcoming her 3 children with Cannon: Zion, Zillion, and Beautiful Zeppelin.

    “I’m excited to be joining the next generation of live audio entertainment on Amp. Having a place where I can directly connect with listeners five days a week to spotlight the hottest emerging artists, chat about the latest and greatest in music and entertainment, and share real-time announcements in my world and beyond will make The Daily Cannon a show you don’t want to miss,” Nick Cannon said of the new partnership. “There’s a magical thing that happens when entertainment is unedited and live, and I am excited for our journey ahead.”

    The Daily Cannon will be live on Amp every Monday through Friday beginning April 24, at 9 a.m. EDT.

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