‘No Screaming, No Yelling, No Phones’ Florida Teacher Accused Of Organizing ‘Fight Club’ Inside Middle School Classroom

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    A Florida school teacher is facing allegations of running a “fight club” inside her middle school classroom.

    When it comes to the wildest state in America, Florida is usually in the first place and the latest story to surface out of the sunshine state is continuing that streak.

    The Miami Herald is reporting that Angel Drew Footman of Tallahassee was arrested Wednesday and charged with four counts of contributing to child delinquency. Court records show the 23-year-old was a teacher at Griffin Middle School where she allegedly organized brawls in her classroom during school hours.

    School administrators learned of the alleged fight club when parents shared videos of the fights. In three videos, girls allegedly were shown fighting while Footman watched like it was the UFC. Authorities allege that her 6th-grade fight club had four rules: “30 seconds. No screaming, no yelling, and no phones” and the participants claimed that Footman encouraged them.

    Florida teacher, Angel Footman, busted for hosting student brawls in class https://t.co/P9RTqukI0I

    — Z. Taylor (@PresidentZT) April 11, 2023

    Two of the girls seen brawling on video reportedly revealed to police that the teacher even asked if they would come back during her planning period to “run it back.”

    NBC News adds that Footman denied having organized the fight and Sheriff’s Detective Hannah Parry, wrote that she instead blamed it on her out-of-control classroom.

    “Footman stated outright that she knows she has poor classroom management skills.”

    If convicted, Footman will face up to a year in jail for each charge.

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