#LAMH Ex-Friend Files? Stormi Questions Melody’s Months Long Hiatus & Her Mom Weighs In—‘I Didn’t Like The Energy’


    Fans are wondering if two Love and Marriage Huntsville stars are ex-friends after they had an interesting convo about potentially DM’ing a friend who’s ceased communication. Not only that, but a new#LAMH mom is adamant that the “energy” is off when it comes to one of them.

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    Stormi Steele and Melody Shari were featured on Saturday’s season premiere of the OWN show chatting after apparently going months without speaking.

    Stormi shared concerns that she and her good girlfriend “barely spoke” at the reunion and then suddenly ceased talking altogether; until Mel called to invite her to an event celebrating Kimmi Scott completing chemotherapy.

    The convo was brief but the tension and the confusion between them was noticeable. “Who is this?” asked a very confused Stormi to Melody who called her on a temporary “trap phone.”

    “I’m honestly shocked to get a phone call from Mel, especially from a number that I don’t recognize,” she added in a confessional. “I haven’t spoken to her in months and we really didn’t even speak at the [#LAMH] reunion so it’s kinda weird.”

    In the midst of their apparently strained friendship, Stormi’s mom Ms. Bettie, who has apparently never liked any of her daughter’s friends, made comments about Melody on social media and accused her of “distorting the truth” about her child.


    Her comment came after fans thought Melody tweeted that Stormi secretly recorded a conversation at her house, which she later clarified was not about Stormi in the slightest.

    Chhhiiiillleeeee so who the HELL recorded this convo? Hmmmmmm…. #lamh #secretrecordingseh #ialreadyknewthistho #whyistaytomyself #donttrustppl

    — MelodySHolt (@MelodySHolt) December 18, 2022

    Despite that, Ms.Bettie was unapologetic about her words (and feelings) during Saturday’s premiere and stood by what she said.


    “If I stepped on somebody’s toes, if I offended somoene, so be it. My thing is to protect my baby at all costs,” said Ms. Bettie while Stormi cautioned her against making comments online.

    “When I first met Mel, I didn’t like the energy,” she added. “I met her here at your home and I didn’t like the energy and I been feeding off that energy ever since.”



    Later in the show, things got especially awkward after Melody and Stormi were finally face-to-face at Kimmi’s event and Stormi asked what was “up” between them.

    “What’s up with me and you? Nothing,” said Mel. “I don’t feel like there’s anything up with us. I’ll be honest with you I haven’t really talked to anybody.”

    She also added that Stormi could’ve called or texted after realizing that she changed her number, but Stormi countered that she had no idea that her fellow “texting a** b***” had a new number. Instead, she thought that her texts were being ignored.

    “You know we big on texting, when I texted yo a** and I didn’t get a reply…” started Stormi.

    “Well, you know you could always DM me,” interjected Mel.

    “It’s weird as hell,” replied Stormi. “I don’t move like that, I’m not DMing you.”


    “I don’t have a friend on this planet who would tell me to DM them when they changed their number,” Stormi added in a confessional.

    Several #LAMH watchers are pointing out that Melody usually takes a hiatus after #LAMH to clear her head, so they don’t think her lack of communication with Stormi was shady.

    I feel like this Melody friendship debacle is getting old. Sis done already told y’all that once filming wraps, she has to take a mental break. There seems to be an unrealistic expectation of friendship with her #LAMH

    — Willie W. (@iamWillieW) April 9, 2023

    Melody distanced herself to protect her peace. She spoke to the ones that didn’t bring controversy, like Kimmie. Work friends are not real friends #LAMH https://t.co/OfGCruJZ55

    — Zhane Nicole (@ZhaneNicoleShop) April 9, 2023

    Others however disagree and they’re calling shade on the “you could’ve DMed” debacle.

    Sooo what you’re telling me is… Melody switches up on every woman she brings on the show as a friend. Noted. Whether you want to admit it or not. #LAMH

    — Echo (@EchoDoesRadio) April 9, 2023

    LOL Melody — you really told Stormi she could have DM you?!

    I’d walked away bc ain’t no way any of my friends would play like this 😭 #LAMH

    — … (@OhJoKnows) April 10, 2023

    OK — y’all know how I feel about Stormi. But, Melody was fake af about that phone number bs. I wish a “friend” would tell me I need to DM them to reach them. Gtfoh. #LAMH pic.twitter.com/y8MARsUtEf

    — One of the Blacks (@ellec1619) April 10, 2023

    Melody has since spoken on not only Stormi but Stormi’s mom in an IG Live with #LAMH producer Carlos King.

    Hit the flip for that.

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