Dwayne Haskins’ Widow Sues 4 Suspected of Drugging QB in Robbery Plot

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    *The widow of Dwayne Haskins claims he was the target of a blackmail and robbery plot before his death.

    Kalabrya Haskins details in a new lawsuit obtained by TMZ Sports that her husband was in the Miami area on April 8 and April 9, 2022, and visited four establishments during this time where he became the target of a group of people. These individuals allegedly drugged him with the plan to blackmail and rob him, according to the lawsuit.

    On April 9, Haskins was walking along a Florida highway to get gas after his vehicle stalled when he was struck and killed by a dump truck. The Pittsburgh Steelers player was 24. 

    Kalabrya says Joey Smith, Meriem Yassine, Wissal Yassine, and Karlee Peyton drugged her husband and she is taking legal action against each of them.

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    Per TMZ Sports, “Kalabrya is suing the four for battery … while also going after the four establishments for negligence, claiming they allowed “patrons to use drugs and to drug other patrons, including [Dwayne],” the outlet writes. 

    ESPN reports that Kalabrya called emergency services after her husband failed to return her calls on the night of his untimely death. She said during their last phone conversation, Haskins explained that he was stranded on the side of the road and was walking to get gas. He told her he would call her back when he returned to his vehicle. That call never came. 

    Authorities said, per TMZ, that Haskins “drank heavily” and ingested ketamine in the hours before his passing. 

    Kalabrya is suing “the dump truck driver who hit Dwayne, the rental car company that Dwayne obtained his vehicle from, and the Florida Department of Transportation,” writes TMZ Sports. She claims they’re all to blame for her husband’s death.

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