‘Magnum P.I.’s’ Stephen Hill Hints More To Come For TC This Season | Watch

    Actor Stephen Hill portrays Theodore “T.C.” Calvin on the NBC series “Magnum P.I.”

    In season five, the audience sees a different side of the former marine veteran and helicopter pilot. Magnum P.I. is a reboot of the beloved ’80s crime series starring Jay Hernandez as an ex-Navy SEAL turned smooth-talking private investigator. When Magnum isn’t working as a security consultant for the endlessly elusive author Robin Masters, he and his valued team tackle some of the most insane cases Hawaii has ever seen

    Hill spoke exclusively with EUR and shared why he loves the development of his character and how actor Roger Mosley was a mentor to him.

    ‘Magnum P.I.’ Jay Hernandez, Amy Hill, Zachary Knighton, Perdita Weeks, Tim Kang, Stephen Hill, and Lance Lim in Dead Ringer (2023)

    Hill compared working on the show to the Marvel Universe. “One of the reasons why the storytelling is so good is that they have built the arc of these characters over more than a decade, right? So when you hear them say, Avengers Assemble, it has much meaning because you’ve been waiting for it for ten years. So, you know, we have little time to evolve these characters. But the beauty is, we’ve had time, right? So season five means we’ve had for previous seasons to introduce characters. So now we’re past the introduction phase with many of these characters.”

    Season five saw the introduction of TC’s mother. She abandoned him as a child, so that dynamic profoundly impacted the character. Hill explained, “when you introduce someone new that is pivotal or as strong to a character like mine, like my mother, the fact that she comes in showcases TC’s relationships with Magnum, Briggs, and everyone. And because of the time we’ve had with those relationships, it makes that conversation much stronger. So I’m blessed that, that we’ve had several seasons now. And we get to explore these characters, and here’s a tip, Verna (TC’s mother) comes back this season. And we have even more magic ready for y’all.”

    ‘Magnum P.I.’ Jay Hernandez, Amy Hill, Zachary Knighton, Perdita Weeks, and Stephen Hill in Welcome to Paradise, Now Die! (2023)

    Hill said that actor Mosely, who originated the role on the CBS series in the 80’s alongside Tom Sellick,  blessed his performance after checking out a few episodes. He said the actor became a mentor to him.

    Hill added, “these guys were like rock stars in the 80s. The show averaged 30 million viewers. That is Superbowl numbers,”  Hill shared that Mosley made him earn the relationship, “he didn’t give it to me right away. It was like he had this big torch. And he said, oh, no, you deserve this torch, brother. So he made me prove myself, and then he said, okay, this brother is pretty good. And then we finally connected. He ended up coming in to shoot an episode. And I got to take him and his wife around the island and let him see everything that had changed because he hadn’t been here in 40 years or something crazy. I am always looking for ways to honor him.”

    Check out the full conversation with Hill above and watch “Magnum P.I.” airs Sundays on NBC at 9:00 PM and is available to stream on Peacock the following day.

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