Isley Brothers Working to Settle Trademark Dispute

    Isley Brothers via Twitter

    *We reported previously that Rudolph Isley is dropping a lawsuit against his brother Ronald who has full ownership of “The Isley Brothers” trademark, according to TMZ.

    By owning the brand, Ronald will now reap all the profits which got his brother hot because they are supposed to split revenue 50/50.

    Rudolph requests a judge to appoint an account to review how much money Ronald has swiped.

    According to All Hip Hop, the brothers are working towards a settlement regarding the use of their iconic name,” the outlet writes. They have been given an April 20 deadline to inform the court of “their progress on settlement discussions, potential referrals to the Magistrate Judge, or proposed discovery schedules,” per the outlet.

    A trademark dispute arose between Rudolph and Ronald over “The Isley Brothers” group name.

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    Here’s more from All Hip Hop:

    The lawsuit alleges that Ronald applied for and obtained a trademark for the group in November 2021, only including his name on the paperwork. This move entitled him to all profits from products sold in the group’s name, as well as exclusive rights to visual and audiovisual recordings featuring music and animation.

    The brothers had previously shared profits on various deals and even negotiated a multi-million-dollar publishing deal together. However, with the new trademark, Rudolph has been effectively cut out.

    According to Rudolph, the brothers should have split the profit 50/50. He argues that the trademark should be revoked and declared jointly owned by both brothers, per the report.

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