Coroner Coronary Confusion: Lance Reddick’s Family Disputes Cause Of Death, Calls Report ‘Wholly Inconsistent With His Lifestyle’

    The shock of Lance Reddick’s death turned to suspicion now that his family disputes the cause of death.

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    In the weeks since the beloved actor’s sudden passing, the coroner’s report offered more questions than answers. The report declared Reddick’s cause of death as “Ischemic Heart Disease” and “Atherosclerotic Coronary Artery Disease.” However, his wife, Stephanie Reddick, doesn’t believe the coroner’s word, claiming this report is “wholly inconsistent with his lifestyle,” according to PEOPLE.

    Lance Reddick’s Lawyer Disputes Cause of Death Report: ‘Wholly Inconsistent with His Lifestyle’

    — People (@people) April 6, 2023

    The last explanation anyone expected for Reddick’s passing was heart disease. The only thing more shocking than the report is that it wasn’t even based on an actual autopsy. His wife isn’t just in disbelief. The Reddicks’ attorney  James Hornstein issued a statement to dispute these findings.

    “I have represented Lance Reddick for many years and continue to represent his wife Stephanie. The coroner statement on the death certificate is not a result of an autopsy. No autopsy was performed on Lance. To my knowledge, no medical examination of Lance during his lifetime ever indicated such conditions,” Hornstein wrote.

    I would see Lance Reddick at the gym often and always admired his physique and how he talked about health. I’m trying to wrap my mind around natural causes at 60. RIP

    — Amin Joseph (@Amin_Joseph) March 17, 2023

    Fans couldn’t believe Reddick just dropped dead from initial reports of “natural causes” at only 60 years old.  Friends remembering the John Wick star marveled at his notoriously disciplined healthy lifestyle.

    “Lance was the most physically fit person I’ve ever known. He exercised daily at his home gym, including extensive cardio work, and the availability of gym facilities was a contractual requirement for his work away from home,” the statement said.

    “He ate as if a dietician was monitoring his every meal. The information appearing on the death certificate is wholly inconsistent with his lifestyle.”

    Dwayne McDuffie at 49. MF Doom at 51. Trugoy/Dave from De La Soul at 54. And now, Lance Reddick at 60. All too young.

    — Evan Narcisse (@EvNarc) March 17, 2023

    The Baltimore native maintained ripped muscles since his ab-flashing days on The Wire 20 years ago. Like many Black men, Reddick was still in his prime when he died.

    “On behalf of Stephanie Reddick, the death certificate information is not corroborated and is inconsistent with the facts known to the family,” the statement concluded.

    A history of even mild COVID infections increases the risk and accelerates the progression of serious illnesses and complications. Even previously healthy people like athletes or marathon runners became more likely to experience heart attacks. Beyond this possibility, if Reddick was cremated as the death certificate indicated, the sudden end to his accomplished life may remain a mystery.

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