Candace Owens, White Husband Brutally Denied by Interior Designer: ‘I’d Rather Be Beaten’ Than Work With Them

    Candace Owens and her husband, George Farmer, are pictured on February 15th, 2022 in Miami, Florida. ALEXANDER TAMARGO/GETTY IMAGES FOR VOX MEDIA

    *Black conservative media personality Candace Owens is claiming that an interior designer turned down her husband’s request with a biting response that would have caused national outrage had she and her husband been liberals and were rejected in that manner by a white conservative designer.

    In the latest issue of Vanity Fair, Owens speaks candidly about her childhood in Stamford, Connecticut, her upbringing, the time she was beaten up and bullied by white girls on her cheerleading squad, the moment she became conservative, her contempt for the Black Lives Matter movement, her “White Lives Matter” moment alongside Kanye West, future political aspirations and more.

    Toward the end of the piece, Vanity Fair’s national correspondent Emily Jane Fox asked if she is well-received by the folk in her Nashville community, where she lives with her husband George Farmer, the white, English creator of alt-right social media platform Parler, and their two children. She said that with few exceptions, people are generally kind when running into her in person, and recalled a pleasant encounter on a plane with Vice President Kamala Harris, who was on the campaign trail at the time.

    “I can’t stop myself. I told her I wasn’t going to vote for her, and she was like, ‘Yeah, okay. I understand.’ It was a very nice conversation,” Owens said.

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    David Netto (Photo Credit: David Netto)

    But Owens cited one negative incident with interior designer David Netto, who basically said he would rather have violence inflicted upon him than work in her household.

    Farmer had reached out to Netto after the couple saw his work in a friend’s home in Nashville. Owens said her husband filled out the contact form on Netto’s website and “wrote the most polite email because he’s always polite, he’s very English.”

    She said that Netto responded, “Dear George, thank you for your inquiry. I’d rather get beat in the ass with a wooden plank than ever go near either of you. Kind regards, David.”

    Owens told Vanity Fair that she was floored by Netto’s response, and suggested a double standard was at play. “If a white conservative male had written that email to an outspoken Black liberal, he would’ve lost everything,” she said. “They would’ve said it was like Jim Crow.”

    Reached for comment, Netto pointed out that he was specifically addressing Farmer, a white man like himself, and said “It’s not a race thing, it’s a terrorism/amorality thing.”

    “After January 6, the joke’s over. People like this should expect to be recognized as complicit with something very dangerous—and I don’t mean Kanye—and expect to be told off in polite society,” Netto explained to Vanity Fair in an email. “Without Parler the Proud Boys couldn’t talk to each other, so that’s enough for me,” he said, adding, “They’ll find somebody to do their house, and I’m sure it will be beautiful.”

    No word if they found another interior designer.

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