Hilarious! ‘SNL’ Imagines Donald Trump at the Last Supper | WATCH

    SNL – Jesus and Disciple at Last Supper – screenshot

    *if you missed it last night, “Saturday Night Live” opened its latest episode with a Donald Trump impersonator James Austin Johnson crashing The Last Supper and comparing the real Trump’s recent indictment to the persecution of Jesus.

    “Alas, one of you will betray me,” said Jesus, played by Mikey Day. “It is foretold. And though I have committed no crime, I will be arrested, tried, and found guilty.”

    Before Day can continue, Johnson as Trump being Trump and interrupts to ask viewers if the plight of Jesus sounded familiar.

    “A famous, wonderful man arrested for no reason at all,” Johnson as Trump said, adding, “If you haven’t put it together folks, I’m comparing myself to Jesus, again. As we speak, I am being persecuted on a level the likes of which the world has never seen, even worse than the late, great Jesus,” the character said.

    Check out the hilarity below. And Happy Easter!

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