SWV Responds To Xscape Drama, Reveals Why They Regret Doing ‘Queens Of R&B : ‘Too Much Disrespect’

    Before the upcoming Queens of R&B finale, SWV spilled the tea about the Xscape drama and why they regret doing the show. As Kandi would say, “Well, speak on it!”

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    While fans can’t get enough of the inXSCAPEable LaTocha Scott vs. everybody beef, the members of SWV are over it. Despite make-ups and break-ups throughout their three decades of girl group greatness, the endless mess isn’t their style.

    In a recent appearance on Sherri, the ladies of SWV opened up about butting heads with Xscape. The trio said they regretted doing the joint reality show because “there’s been too much disrespect.”

    SWV Addresses Headline-Gate With Xscape

    Coko, LeLee, and Taj’s grown and sexy look for the talk show took the internet by storm. Sherri Shepherd asked them about the last time they broke the internet with their R&Beef with Xscape about who should headline.

    “Who do y’all think should headline the tour?” Taj quickly asked the audience, who cheered for SWV supremacy.

    Sherri added that fans loved both groups, making it even tenser when they got heated over headlining. LaTocha’s reluctance to pick a representation outside of her allegedly skimming husbandger, Rocky Bivensmade matters worse when it was time to negotiate.

    “You saw our [managers] sitting there. They didn’t have representation. No one was there!” Taj said. “It ain’t our fault!

    Sad SWV and Xscape aren’t close anymore because they could’ve banded together against Rocky and Bullwinkle’s lying, stealing asses. Instead they wanted to talk about overalls and flats and not do the tour!

    — The Morally Corrupt Tay Resnick (@SweetTayPie0104) April 6, 2023

    The drama didn’t end with their back-and-forth on Bravo. LeLee and Kandi both took it to the Twitter timeline.

    “LeLee, Twitter went crazy. Their reactions were all night long. How did you feel about the reactions online?” Sherri questioned.

    “You know it was so overwhelming. I’m the party girl, but I’m quiet. I just play my position,” LeLee said. “But I just get so sick of people feeling like they can say what they want. Sometimes you just got to hit ’em one time hard. Honey, I let that New York City come out of me!”

    My biggest takeaway from SWV & Xscape has nothing to do with Tocha… it’s that Lee Lee is THE MOST NEW YORK BROAD OF ALL TIME.

    — Naima Cochrane (@naima) April 5, 2023

    Check out what SWV says about regretting the Queens of R&B show and whether they’ll tour with Xscape after the filp.

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