Mo’Nique Admits in New Netflix Special She’s Sexually Attracted to Women

    Mo’Nique and her husband Sidney Hicks (Brent N Clarke-FilmMagic-Getty Images)

    *Mo’Nique admits in her new comedy stand-up special, “My Name is Mo’Nique,” that she once confessed to her husband that she wanted to have sex with another woman.

    “I said, ‘Daddy, I want to be with another woman sexually.’ And he looked at me so beautifully and so patient and so loving, and he said, ‘B***h, me too!” Mo’ told the audience. 

    Mo’Nique’s new comedy special is currently streaming on Netflix and comes nearly a year after the comedian and the streamer reached a settlement in her gender discrimination lawsuit. 

    “Why did I title this special ‘My Name Is Mo’Nique?’ After seventy-two minutes y’all gonna know why…” the entertainer says in the trailer for the project while teasing some behind-the-scenes footage — see the clip below.

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    Mo’Nique opens up about having a conversation with her husband about a desire to be intimate with women in her latest Netflix comedy special, “My Name is Mo’Nique.”

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    “Y’all might say, ‘Damn, we didn’t know we were going to find out all of that!’ Mo continued. “This one right here is personal. This one right here — when you walk away from this one, when you turn your TV off from this one, you’ll say, ‘Now we understand that woman.’”

    She also expresses gratitude for the gift of being “funny.”

    The Academy Award-winner spoke about the special in a recent interview with Shadow and Act.

    “I felt like I had something to say,” Mo’Nique said. “And I feel like what I have to say may possibly make a difference. It may possibly make you look at things a different way. It may possibly make you be free. It may possibly make you a better mother, a better wife, a better friend.”

    “The emotions for me and my husband was for us to give a freedom that oftentimes is not given, especially as a Black woman,” she explained. “You’re not given that freedom to speak freely and loudly without being labeled entitled and knocked down and dragged and all those things. So I’m hoping [that] if you gotta say it, you’ll say it unapologetically, loudly and proudly.”

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