Brilliant Baddies: HelloBeautiful And MadameNoire Highlight ‘Women To Know: Tech Titans’ For Illustrious Issue


    Source: JD Barnes / for HelloBeautiful


    HelloBeautiful and MadameNoire have released a special issue highlighting amazing melanin magic makers in the tech field. The “Our Women To Know: Tech Titans” cover celebrates Black women in tech making a difference in their communities and across industries.

    Rooted in the idea that Black women are found at the cornerstone of innovation in countless industries, Women to Know strives to celebrate these often overlooked change agents who blaze trails for other women to leap onto.

    The Tech Titans highlighted and given their flowers are:

    Bozoma Saint John- Hall of Fame inducted Marketing Executive, author, entrepreneur

    Source: JD Barnes / for HelloBeautiful

    “The air gets very thin at the top. So, the advice I give is to find your circle. Rely on them. Tell them the truth. And in that way, you’ll have a corner that you can go to and feel good in.”

    Michelle James- Director of Culture & Community Marketing, Instagram and Facebook at Meta

    Source: JD Barnes / for HelloBeautiful

    “I’m confident. I’m secure. I’m intelligent. I know what I’m talking about. I’m contributing to the environment.” I’ve reinvented myself several times in my career. I can kind of take all of the things that I’ve done in culture across these various industries and really make a big impact.” 


    Kimberly Bryant – Founder and CEO Ascend Ventures and Black Innovation Lab/ Founder of Black Girls CODE

    Source: JD Barnes / for HelloBeautiful


    “I wanted to try to test those waters and create a way for other women like me to also have an opportunity to participate as well. My soft place to land is always centered on my role as a mother to my daughter.”


    Kelsey Davis- Founder/CEO of CLLCTVE

    Source: JD Barnes / for HelloBeautiful

    “We know that opportunity isn’t everywhere, even though talent is. I truly do believe that Black founders, Black people can probably solve 99% of the world’s problems because of the level of connectivity that we have to them.”

    Rachel Spivey- Director, Stay and Thrive Team at Google

    Source: JD Barnes / for HelloBeautiful

    “That is what makes me proud every day to wake up, to go to work, knowing that I’m serving my purpose and helping so many other people through their careers. As someone who started at Google and didn’t see many people who look like them at the company at that time, you can do it. You can push through.”

    “I have an amazing group of friends and colleagues that I’ve cultivated over the years who I can go to, to cry, laugh, vent, be frustrated, strategize, and I’m really grateful for them.”


    Angel Rich- Founder/CEO of Credit Stacker

    Source: JD Barnes / for HelloBeautiful


    “Anyone who has a dime in their pocket should also have the financial literacy to go along with it. I think someone looking to get into the tech space, should have the audacity to dream ridiculously. “


    Mattie Reynolds – Lead Technical Talent Acquisition Partner

    Source: JD Barnes / for HelloBeautiful


    “The personal challenges that I’ve experienced as a black woman in the technology spaces, it starts at the gate. Do your market research, you see what competitors are paying, and you negotiate your compensation.”


    Carrie Bernans- Actress, Stuntwoman, Filmmaker, Venture Capitalist

    Source: JD Barnes / for HelloBeautiful

    “Investing in the tech space was something very important to me in an industry mostly dominated by white men.”



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