Mo’Nique Details Same Sex Attraction In New Netflix Comedy Special—‘I Said Daddy, I Wanna Be There With Another Woman’

    Mo’Nique is keeping it real, my loves.

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    The Oscar, BAFTA, and Golden Globe-winning actress/comedienne is making headlines amid the global April 4 premire of her Netflix stand-up special, particularly for a love life admission.

    As previously reported Mo promised that her My Name is Mo’Nique special would be 72 minutes of unfiltered and raw insight into her life filled with personal revelations.

    “This one right here is personal,” said Mo’Nique. “When you walk away from this one, when you’ve turned your TV off from this one, you’ll say, ‘Now we understand that woman,’” the BMF star continued. “For 32 years, I have been funny, and I’m grateful for that gift. But this show right here really allows you to understand why I swing like I swing… There are things I’m going to say in this comedy special that I thought I would take to my grave.”

    Grammy-nominated, Oscar and Golden Globe award-winning actor and comedian @moworldwide is back with a new stand-up special, My Name is Mo’Nique, premiering globally on Netflix April 4th.

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    One of those revelations centers around her interest in the same-sex.


    Mo’Nique Opens Up About Same-Sex Attraction In Her My Name Is Mo’Nique Comedy Special

    The 55-year-old has always been honest about being in an open marriage to her husband Sidney Hicks and in the special, she emotionally detailed the moment she shared her sexual interest in women.

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    “I said Daddy, I wanna be there with another woman, sexually,” said Mo’Nique in a clip shared by TheShadeRoom. “And he [Hicks] looked at me so beautifully, and so patient and so loving, and said, ‘b***, me too!’”

    Prior to the comedy special’s premiere, Mo expanded on the anecdote to Vulture while noting that she discussed not only same-sex attraction, but the generational cycles of trauma created around it in churchgoing families.

    “I think that introduces you to me,” the comedienne told Vulture’s, Craig Jenkins. “It lets you understand why I fight the way that I fight, especially in our community, where there are so many secrets. There are so many of us caught up in the churches, and there are so many myths. There’s so much foolishness, and my family is not exempt from it. To speak it out loud, to say it out loud … What I found out is I’m not unique, Craig.”

    “As I said to a sister I was talking to the other day, I said, “A woman in China can take a piece of this special and say, ‘I relate to that,’” she added. “What made me do it … It’s just time. It is time for us to live in freedom. So many of us are still enslaved. So many of us are still fearful. So many of us are still embarrassed. So many of us are still ashamed. Once you get to a place of freedom, you truly start living.”


    Cheers to freedom!

    Mo’Nique Recently Revealed That Her Marriage Is No Longer Open

    Mo’Nique’s admission comes amid her recently revealing that she and her hubby Sidney are no longer exploring an open marriage that was centered around “radical honesty.”

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    The “Mo’Nique and Sidney’s Open Relationship” podcast host recently told The Hollywood Reporter that their marriage is officially closed and exclusive to them as husband and wife.

    “Life began to happen. I began to see a strength I had never seen before. He loved me at my worst. I didn’t want to sacrifice that just for a lay. So I grew out of that.” Mo’Nique said.


    Mo’Nique’s newest stand-up special, My Name is Mo’Nique is currently streaming on Netflix.

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