Regina Taylor on Garnering Emmy Buzz For ‘CSI: Vegas’ | Watch


    On March 30th, Regina Taylor guest starred on “CSI: Vegas” playing the character Raquel Williams.

    Featured on the episode “The Promise,” Taylor dished all about her appearance on the series.

    “It’s a beautiful script,” Taylor said. “About this woman who has lost her daughter about 40 years ago, they can’t find the body,  and now the body has turned up. This is a woman who has been grieving but can’t really grieve until she gets her daughter’s body back.”

    Taylor also revealed that Paula Newsome who plays Maxine ‘Max’ Roby on “CSI: Vegas” was the one who suggested her for this role. When asked if she ever felt the role wasn’t for her she said no.

    “I got a call and Ms. Newsome, Paula, was asking me to come and play on her show,” Taylor said. “From the moment I read the script, I felt it. I felt it deeply and I wanted to take this journey with this character. With this story line.” 

    CSI Vegas

    Taylor said she connected with the character Raquel from a mother’s perspective.

    “I know about a mother’s love,” Taylor said. “That’s what this episode, I think is about. About love. The tenacity of love. The belief in if you hang in there, like this woman wants to find her daughter and she knows that that is a possibility. Long as she knows that that’s a possibility, she can keep going each day.”

    Taylor’s performance on the series has already generated talks of possible nominations for award season and the Emmy’s, so Taylor also spoke on what that means for her.

    “With any role that I take, I try to do the best job that I can,” Taylor said. “Awards are really wonderful. You feel honored to be even in breathing space of mention. It is about the work and the love of the work.”

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