Lamar Odom Invests in 3 Drug Treatment Centers in California

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    *c is on a mission to help people struggling with addiction.

    The former L.A. Lakers star has invested in 3 drug treatment centers in California, TMZ reports. 

    Dontae Ralston, a Christian hip-hop artist, and skateboarder Dennis Martinez have teamed up with Odom to acquire the facilities in San Diego, El Cajon, and Lemon Grove.

    According to a rep for Odom, there are two detox and residential treatment homes for men and one residential treatment facility for women.

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    Lamar Odom

    The buildings will be called “Odom Wellness Treatment Centers” — and Lamar will be “highly involved” with the patients.

    “He wants to help everyone he can,” Odom’s rep says. “He is thankful that he was given a second chance at his life and feels his destiny is to help others.”

    Odom wants to help people change their lives just as he vowed to do for himself following an overdose at Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch brothel in Nevada in 2015. 

    In the special “Lamar Odom: Sex, Drugs and Kardashians” Odom claims the brothel owner tried to kill him by giving him pills. When TMZ’s Harvey Levin mentions reports that Odom did cocaine at the brothel, the 2-time NBA champ said “I would remember if I did cocaine that night.”

    Odom added, “He tried to kill me.”

    “There was only one night as far as I’m concerned,” Odom said. “I got there, had the drink, and woke up three days later, ripping tubes out of my neck not knowing how I got there.”

    When asked why Hof would try to kill him, Odom explained, “I don’t know. This is only what I could tell you. I went there, I didn’t do drugs that night. I wound up with drugs in my system.”

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