InXSCAPEable Sister Scandal: Tamika Scott Says LaTocha Scott Swiped Their Gospel Deal, Details Family Fallout–‘My Mom Was Upset With Me’

    The issues between a sister singing duo are far from finished amid new accusations of stealing.

    Tamika Scott was a guest Sunday on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live, and she discussed the drama that’s surfaced amid the airing of SWV & Xscape: Queens of R&B. 

    Source: Phylicia J.L. Munn / Bravo

    While there, she of course was asked by Andy Cohen about her allegation that her sister LaTocha Scott stole $30K from her, and Tamika who recently released a lengthy  YouTube video to back up her claims, didn’t hold back.

    Tamika said she was unsurprised by her sister’s reaction to recent allegations that Rocky Bivens accepted kickbacks from Xscape shows because her sibling is like a “deer in headlights” when it comes to her husband.

    She also said that she has “no doubt” that her sister and her brother-in-law cashed her $30,000 checks and her mother reacted negatively when she initially made the accusation.

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    “It was almost as if she was upset with me because I brought it to the forefront,” said Tamika on Watch What Happens Live. 

    Her comments also come on the heels of her alleging that her sister is her mother’s favorite and amid the matriarch alleging that Tamika was “jealous” of LaTocha.


    Tamika also said she hasn’t spoken to her sister or Rocky Bivens considering that LaTocha changed her number despite a recent IG Live where LaTocha begged her to communicate with her. 

    According to Tamika, she doesn’t even have her sister’s number.

    “My mom told me I couldn’t have her number because she needed to protect her peace,” said Tamika before also noting she hasn’t been in recent communication with her mom.

    Ultimately she said that she decided not to press charges against her sister all those years ago because she didn’t want to see LaTocha go to jail.

    That’s not all Tamika Scott said, however, hit the flip for more.

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