Father Throws 2-year-old Son Into Lake, Toddler’s Dead Body Found in Alligator’s Jaws | Video

    Thomas Mosley / St. Petersburg PD

    *A Florida father is accused of discarding his 2-year-old son like trash into a Florida lake after allegedly killing the child’s mother last month. 

    The body of 2-year-old Taylen Mosley was found last week in the jaws of an alligator in Lake Maggiore. An officer reportedly shot the reptile in order to retrieve the body, according to Fox News affiliate KHOU-11.

    “We didn’t want to find him this way, but at least we can bring some closure to that family now,” said St. Petersburg Police Chief Anthony Holloway.

    The child’s father Thomas Mosley, 21, was charged Friday with murder amid an investigation into the killing of the boy’s mother. Police say Pashun Jeffery, 20, was found dead in a bathroom in her apartment in St. Petersburg last Thursday afternoon. A search for 2-year-old Taylen Mosley was launched and a state-wide Amber Alert was issued after her body was discovered. 

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    Toddler Taylen Mosley found dead in alligator’s jaws thrown in lake by father—affidavit https://t.co/Py5rQVViB8 pic.twitter.com/TjRCUawfWQ

    — Newsweek (@Newsweek) April 4, 2023

    Jeffery was reportedly stabbed over 100 times after celebrating her son’s birthday in the apartment with family and friends. The motive for the killing remains unclear.

    Detectives believe Mosley murdered his son and the boy’s mother and has been charged with the first-degree murder of both. 

    The cause of death for Taylen has not yet been revealed. 

    Another woman and her son taken away too soon in a senseless act of domestic violence. I am sure Pashun Jeffrey was already scared for her and her son’s life. The cycle must be broken. What would cause a man to do something like this?! I will never understand. #TaylenMosley pic.twitter.com/gXhoQj8mut

    — Rose (@901Lulu) April 1, 2023

    According to an affidavit, Mosley showed up at a hospital with “severe lacerations to both of his hands and arms consistent with injuries caused by slippage during a knife attack.”

    Mosley was booked in the Pinellas County Jail on Friday. Footage from inside the jail shows him sitting in a wheelchair with his hands bandaged.

    Watch the video below.

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