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    *Many Americans are mistakenly convinced that they know what normal blood pressure is, and this false confidence can lead to serious health problems.

    The American Heart Association estimates that more than 122 million people over the age of 20 have high blood pressure. A major risk factor for heart disease and stroke is high blood pressure, also known as hypertension.

    According to a Get Pocket research study, published in January 2023, the outlet notes that 64% of respondents “expressed confidence in their understanding of blood pressure numbers – but only 39% actually knew what normal or healthy blood pressure is,” the outlet writes. 

    Per the outlet, below are 10 tips for healthier blood pressure via the American Heart Association.

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    This list has been condensed and edited:

    Talk with your doctor. If your blood pressure is high, ask your doctor about strategies for lowering it, and how you can track your blood pressure at home.
    Eat a heart-healthy diet as ultra processed foods are unhealthy for your heart.
    Cut back on salt, which increases blood pressure. 
    Limit your alcohol use. Whether it’s beer, wine or spirits, alcohol increases your blood pressure
    Be more physically active. Just two and a half hours per week of physical activity can help lower blood pressure
    Maintain a healthy weight. Even losing a few pounds can help manage high blood pressure in people who are overweight
    Manage stress, which is bad for your blood pressure. 
    If you smoke, vape or both: Quit now. Both are bad for your heart and blood vessels and contribute to high blood pressure.
    Take medication, which is often recommended for people with stage 2 hypertension, and for some with stage 1 hypertension, including those who also have heart disease, kidney disease or diabetes.
    Track your blood pressure at home. The American Heart Association recommends an automatic, validated cuff-style monitor that goes on your upper arm. A record of readings taken over time can help your doctor adjust your treatments as needed.

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