Cardi Calls Out ‘Unrealistic’ Expectations After Stories Circulate About Daily Multiple Smitherens Sessions — ‘Ain’t No Way’

    Cardi B. clapped back at claims online about “unrealistic” men expecting sex more than three times daily, “Your man is sick.”

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    The rapstress took on the new role of sex therapist Friday. Cardi responded to multiple viral stories about men demanding too much sex. She vehemently insists more than 3 sessions a day is suspect, especially every day.

    “You practically telling the world that your man on drugs,” Bardi yelled at her phone. “Your n***a’s on drugs, your man is on drugs. ‘Cuz there ain’t no way,” Cardi said on Instagram Live.

    The mom of two said it was logical that one could “have sex three times a day, not everyday though.”

    She went on to question the sexuality of men who desired to use their magic stick so frequently in 24 hours.

    “If your man wanna have sex with you four, five times a day…and we do that everyday. Like it’s girl your man is on percs or your man is trying to convince himself that he likes p***y,” she joked.

    The Grammy winner continued by denouncing that amount of daily peen appointments,  “That is not a flex. Go stitch your p***y up. Your man is sick.”

    Cardi, who married rapper Offset in 2017, didn’t specify who she was referring to in her rant.

    Fans Wonder If Cardi’s Rant Was Shade About Larsa Pippen’s NSFW Confessions On RHOM

    Many speculated a link to Larsa’s recent freaky sex confession in part two of The Real Housewives of Miami reunion. During her 20-year marriage to NBA veteran Scottie Pippen, Larsa said,

    “I’ve always had sex like four times a night every night for 23 years,” shocking Andy Cohen and her casemates.

    To clarify her comment, Andy asked, “You had sex 28 times a week for 23 years?”

    Larsa double downed, “Yeah, I swear.”

    Another likely muse for Cardi’s thoughts was a viral video of a woman bragging about six or seven rounds a day. The interview clip racked up more than 45 million views.

    I’ll pass lol. Nothing about this sounds enticing.

    — TerrorChris🇯🇲🇯🇲 (@Da1nOnlyCMart) March 29, 2023

    The featured woman even mentioned pulling up to her man’s job for lunch break quickies.

    Celebs And Instagram Users Chimed In On Cardi’s Sex Debate

    Celebs and fans shared their thoughts on Cardi’s perspective on performance in the comments of The Neighborhood Talk’s posting of the clip.

    User @betty_mii commented,

    “Lmao every man is different is all ima say. Every man don’t need influences to keep at it either. Don’t shoot the messenger. To each their own 😂😂”

    While former Flavor of Love reality star Deelishis shared a lengthy response with over 2000 other users in agreement,

    “I totally agree that it’s an irrational expectation of a woman… for a spouse to feel entitled to sex multiple times per day EVERYDAY however those men do exist … that was the deal breaker in my previous relationship. And some men will actually leave you over not matching their sex drive.. that or cheat or both! It’s sad but true. I’m glad to hear other women say it’s irrational because I started to feel like it was just me! But never did I think he had a drug problem.”
    User @chinarabutler believes if your boo is a fiend for intercourse, sex addiction may be at play, not drugs.
    “Yeah 4 times a day EVERY DAY is insane and she right your box is out of there and your man needs 2 seek help something ain’t right!”
    Another user, @thepisibox theorized men who desire beaucoup bedroom action are simply bored.
    “Or he don’t have a job.. he don’t have other priorities? Bc that’s too much everyday”
    Well, Scottie’s schedule was full with NBA games, practices and appearances so this explanation may not be valid in this case. For Cardi to profess Pippen was likely poppin’ Percs throughout his career isn’t an easy pill to swallow.
    Is Cardi’s commentary all cap or stating facts?
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