The Men Of ‘Love Is Blind’ Share Their Thoughts On The Show | Watch

    “Love Is Blind” fans the wait is over!

    The next few episodes are airing now on Netflix. In the first five episodes, we got to know the singles as they got to know one another in the dating pods. Pairings were made, some parings you agreed with as a fan and some, not so much. Now those couples are trying to adjust to life outside of the pods.  

    A few couples have made somewhat of a smooth transition to the next phase of this dating experiment. We spoke with a few of the guys on the show and got their input on what they have learned about themselves while being on the show.

    “There’s a lot I learned about myself. My sensitivity is one of my strongest suits,” said Marshall.

    The 26-year-old Marketing Manager goes on to express how the show allowed him to be vulnerable and open up about his life and the things that made him who he is. This openness helped him connect with Jackie, the 27-year-old Dental Assistant. Will Marshall’s openness and vulnerability help Jackie as she faces issues in her life? Things get difficult for the couple in these next few episodes. We’ll see if they make it through their challenges. 

    Love is Blind. Episode 401 of Love is Blind. Cr. Monty Brinton/Netflix © 2023

    Another couple going through difficult times is Irina and Zack. Irina realizes she doesn’t have the same feelings for Zack once outside of the pods and he feels he made a mistake. He said he had the feeling he made a mistake as soon as he decided to stop dating Bliss (he had a connection with both Bliss and Irina).

    “I had that moment after I told Bliss I didn’t want to continue, and I pretty quickly wanted to change my mind,” said Zack. He goes on to add “I still did feel that I had a very real connection with Irina, so I was going to move forward with that.” 

    At the end of episode five, Zack meets with Bliss to let her know he made the wrong choice. But how will Bliss feel about his revelation? Will she forgive him for choosing Irina over her?   

    Watch the newly released episode on Netflix now!  

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