LaTocha Scott Addresses Tamika’s Receipts Of Alleged $30K Theft, Kandi Weighs In — ‘It Ain’t Giving Gospel’

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    The inXscapable R&Beef between a singing group continued this week on The Rickey Smiley Morning Show when both LaTocha Scott and Kandi Burruss reacted to Tamika Scott’s receipts of an alleged $30,000 theft.

    The dust is still settling after Tamika finally dropped what she says is crystal clear evidence of LaTocha and her husband Rocky Bivens allegedly stealing her royalty checks.

    But in a Ricky Smiley Morning Show interview, the accused pilferer doubled down on her defense while Rickey’s cohost  Da Brat and LaTocha’s groupmate Kandi both weighed in.

    “A lot has been said in the media about you and your sister, Tamika. We want to clear things up. From your perspective, what happened and where did it start?” Rickey asked.

    “I’m not sure. Once we started to film, everything started to go crazy. I tell people I signed up to be celebrated, all of us, for 30 years in the game. That’s what it should’ve been,” LaTocha said, alluding to the show giving Xscape’s drama a life of its own.

    The platinum-selling platinum blonde said she regrets Queens of R&B since it became a catalyst for public and private drama.

    “I wish I never would’ve signed up for this, to be honest. With my sister, she’s always going to be my sister. That’s my family. We go through highs and lows, everybody got peaks and valleys. It’s just right now, we’re going through that in the public eye,” she admitted, asking for the public to let them work out their conflict without judgement.

    LaTocha also again vehemently denied the allegations that she and Rocky stole money from Tamika’s royalty checks. Rickey asked her flat-out what we all want to know; did she and her husband do the things that her sister alleged? “No,” said LaTocha.

    “It’s a very delicate situation. No, we didn’t steal anything from her,” she added.

    The morning show crew and LaTocha addressed Tamika’s receipts, including Tameka “Tiny” Harris’ mother explaining how the royalties were allegedly redirected to LaTocha’s husband Rocky.

    Da Brat Co-Signed The Other Xscape Members Saying Tamika Always Backed LaTocha’s Plays Even If She Was Wrong

    Things got tense when Da Brat, who has known and toured with Xscape since they were teens, weighed in. The rapper agreed with the other group members that LaTocha usually called the shots and Tamika consistently backed her up.

    “What I do know to be true is no matter what you did or said when we was little, your sister would definitely take your side, whether you were right or wrong,” Da Brat recalled.

    “You always seemed to be the person everyone had to listen to, I guess because you were the oldest. But Kandi always seemed to be the one hurt and slighted because they had to take your side,” she continued.

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    LaTocha said that was news to her and demanded specific examples. Da Brat described it as the dynamic she witnessed while both So So Def acts were “on tour for a long time” together.

    Da Brat pointed out Kandi saying the same thing on their previous reality show, but the 49-year-old denied “bullying” Kandi with her sister. LaTocha apologized that the group focused on reality TV drama instead of the music.

    Rickey Smiley said we got Latocha Scott on the gospel song “thou shall not steal” 😂😂😂😂

    — S. ♏ (@Bright_Eyes973) March 31, 2023

    When asked about an ideal outcome, LaTocha said she just wants to move forward with Xscape.

    “Us coming back together understanding that all of us have to be held accountable for the things we’ve said and done. Just communicate where it’s not pointing of the fingers, but if you have something to say, get it off your chest and keep it moving,” she said.

    Kandi immediately called in to The Rickey Smiley Morning Show to “speak on it.” Check out Kandi’s reaction to LaTocha’s interview after the jump.

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