‘4:44’–Real? Kim Burrell Says Beyoncé Blared Her Music For 11 Hours Straight During Dark Marital Days

    “Church Girl” Kim Burrell is claiming that her music assisted Beyoncé during detrimental times in her marriage, and she says she heard the news directly from  Jay-Z.


    Source: Jason Kempin/ Al Bello / Getty

    Burrell, 50, made the revelation back in October on the We Sound Crazy podcast, but it wasn’t until Thursday that the clip began to gain significant media buzz.

    The gossiping gospel powerhouse reminisced on a call she received from Jay-Z as he worked on his last album 4:44, addressing his marital transgressions.

     “At the time, I didn’t know that was gonna be the name of the record…he called me and he said, ‘when my wife is going through it, I always know because I hear you playing it in the background.’”

    Apparently, Bey secluded herself for eleven whole hours during a rough patch and only remerged after Kim’s music settled her soul.

    “He [said], ‘My wife locked up one day for 11 hours and I heard nothing but Kim Burrell for 11 hours’. Kim continued, “He said, ‘Here’s why I’m calling you – when she came out, she was better. She was so much better.’”

    According to the “Try Me Again” singer, Jigga Man desired to, “talk to the woman who made [his] wife better.”

    Kim explained, “So, I flew to him and he was in the studio at the time making 4:44. And we sat and we talked for about 4 and a half hours with things that were so intimate that I would never, ever share.”

    The Christian crooner likely believed what she revealed was harmless, but as you can imagine the BeyHive swarmed and warned Burrell to keep her lips superglued when it comes to Bey, even if she’s featured on Jay’s 4:44 title track.

    Now, why Kim Burrell is out here telling Beyoncé’s business?…I don’t know. But cool story, I suppose. pic.twitter.com/EqKHzywk7C

    — KenBarbie™ (@itsKenBarbie) March 30, 2023

    Now why would she put my sista business out here like that??? A Nasty Spirit! My sis was on the threshing floor, praying for answers. pic.twitter.com/mXDqxyLTbR

    — Terry THIERRY (@TerryThierry) March 29, 2023

    Why Kim Burrell sharing Beyoncé’s business ? pic.twitter.com/L8BqWWLgtC

    — ❄️🗝️ (@DiaryOfKeysus) March 29, 2023

    This is not the first time Burrell’s discussed Jay Z and Beyoncé. Back in 2017, she made a similar comment to Praise 102.5 FM about Beyoncé blaring her music when she’s going through a rough patch.

    “I flew out to L.A., and I went to go meet with Jay-Z,” said Burrell accoridng to BET. “Jay-Z called me, he says, ‘Kim, I always know when Beyoncé is going through something emotional or spiritual because I always hear you. She plays you really loudly through the house.’”

    She continued,

    “To know that the Queen Bey therapeutically listens to your music will undoubtedly make any artist keel over, but what happened next was even more of an out-of-body moment. “So he says, ‘This time I need that, Kim. Will you come to LA?’”

    I mean, we get it Kim, but telling Bey’s business will quickly burn that coveted bridge.

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