Rich People Problems: DJ Envy Reveals He Lost $250k In Jewelry In The Atlanta Airport This Weekend

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    DJ Envy reveals he lost $250,000 in jewelry while traveling through the Atlanta airport this weekend thanks to a rude flight attendant.

    During Tuesdays, The Breakfast Clubairing DJ Envy revealed a series of unfortunate events during his weekend travel. Envy was traveling from Atlanta to New York when he lost a bust-down Rolex, a ring, and chains engraved with his wife’s and kids’ names. Reportedly the value of all the items was well over $250k. When traveling the host said he places his luxury jewels in his carry-on. The bag usually goes through the metal decorators with no issues but this time was different TSA decided to search his belongings.

    “I was traveling from Atlanta back to New York on Friday I had my roller, my backpack and I have my blazer, you know, because I was just shooting,” Envy said. “Now you all know, men, you can’t put your blazer in your luggage because it’s going to be all folded. Usually, I’m a Delta Million Miler, I’m Diamond, they don’t give me a problem. They just hang my jacket up for me.”
    He continued: “This white woman was not trying to hear it. She was nasty. I don’t know if she had a bad day, but she told me I couldn’t do it. So I said, okay, I had to check my bag. When I went to check my bag, I remember my jewelry was in there. I was like, you know, let me take it out and put it in my backpack. When I went on a plane, I left the jewelry.”

    After his story Envy and Charlamagne opened the phone lines and callers essentially told the host it was just another case of rich people’s problems. Luckily for DJ Envy, he has insurance on the jewelry as his attempts to reach Delta have been unsuccessful

    Charlamagne kept the roast going by giving his co-host Donkey of The Day which you can hear below.

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