Excellence & ‘Emmys’: This Actor’s ‘Wu-Tang An American Saga’ Performance ‘Liquid Swords’ Sliced The Internet

    The penultimate episode of Wu-Tang: An American Saga is now streaming and the stars of the series are continuing to garner buzz.

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    Episode 9 titled “After the Smoke is Clear” is streaming on Hulu and it details the story of Ghostface (Siddiq Saunderson) who’s reflecting on the sacrifices of his past while dealing with the bittersweet outcome of his artistic success. It also shows RZA (Ashton Sanders), who’s going to great lengths to bring a new sound to the Clan’s next album.

    And while this latest episode is getting traction from fans of the Wu, people are still discussing last week’s eighth episode.

    Wu-Tang: An American Saga’s “Liquid Swords” Episode Starred An “Excellent” & “Emmy Worthy”  Johnell Young

    Titled “Liquid Swords”, the episode was personally directed by RZA himself and it details GZA who takes on the persona of “The Genius” as he journeys through an alternate reality of New York City to unite the people using the music from his solo album, “Liquid Swords.”

    It’s yet another allegorical episode for the series and it puts actor Johnell Young in the spotlight.

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    Young has portrayed GZA for three seasons and he puts on a passionate performance as the Wu member who wants to “make the culture pure again” a nod to the music labels of the 90s controlling the sounds and serving the people “poptronics.”

    To create his album GZA has to unite all of his brothers in the clan and connect the chambers. He journeys through the dangerous and shrouded streets of NYC to do so and enlists the help of Chief Irif (Masta Killa), Fatherless Child (Old Dirty Bastard), Louis Rich (Raekwon), Manifesto (Inspectah Deck), Jodi King ( U-God), Wally King (Ghostface Killa), The Shadow Boxer (Method Man) and of course, The Abbott (RZA).

    The swordsman who reunited the brotherhood #WuTangOnHulu pic.twitter.com/8xBIsbZjVW

    — Wu-Tang: An American Saga (@WuTangOnHulu) March 23, 2023

    After going to war with the enemies and uniting the fiefdoms with his liquid sword tongue, GZA successfully creates the album that’s been heralded as an “out-and-out masterpiece.”

    Similar comments are being used to describe Young.

    “The dude who plays GZA just does a fantastic job,” said  the Hip-Hop NOW podcast. “[He’s] a prime example of not trying to just sound like GZA but embodying the essence of what GZA is which is what he represents as a man and how he put thatinto his music, so it makes it extra believable.

    “When he was with the street thugs and he gave that monologue, he teared up,” they added. “I’m like hold up!Homie coming for the Emmy because I’m not watching the Wu anymore, I’m watching his performance.”

    The praise continued on Twitter.

    Give this man his Emmy.

    — spaceghoststeve (@spaceghoststeve) March 25, 2023

    @JOHNELLXYOUNG you did a great job on the latest episode 🔥

    — 𝐏𝐑𝐎𝐏𝐄𝐑 𝐀𝐑𝐓 𝐎𝐅 𝐖𝐀𝐑 (@ESCOXO) March 24, 2023

    @WuTangOnHulu S3 Ep8 was🔥. I love @RZA mind. I can really relate to his thought process in watching a lot of the stuff he does. The way he mixes the Asian & African cultures are 👍🏽. The guy who plays the @TheRealGZA did an excellent job. Imma miss this show! #WuTangAmericanSaga

    — Sasha Walker (@RatedR_Lover) March 25, 2023

    Wu Saga Liquid Swords was dope!! @JOHNELLXYOUNG really did his thing this episode. One of my fave albums. Real rap! 💯🔥 #WuTangAmericanSaga #GZA #LiquidSwords #Classic

    — 🇵🇦Jess🇵🇷 (@lovinmygirls218) March 25, 2023



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