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    *Comedian Rip Michaels is a fan fave on “Wild N Out.”  He also stars in Peacock’s “Urban Eats and Treats” and is the producer and star of comedy shows around the country including Wild N Out.

    He drops heat on his productions, his new wifey, and a little tea on Nick Cannon in an exclusive interview with iHeart Radio personality and EURweb Spotlight host Jazmyn ‘Jaz’ Summers.

    What makes you think you’re funny?

    Rip: I would say my mama because she was like ‘Go sit your silly ass down’. And my teacher said something that was instrumental to me ‘ If you’re going to act like a fool, at least get paid for it.’ When I found out that was actually a thing, I was like, Oh, I’m in the wrong thing. I don’t need to know about angles and geometry and algebra. I also have to shout out my Auntie Jackie. She used to take me around to comedy rooms. Auntie Jackie was actually my dad’s girlfriend. But I didn’t know it  My dad used to call his girlfriends auntie. I had no idea until my mom told me, ‘That’s not your auntie, that’s your daddy girlfriend’.  But my mama had me an Uncle Charles, too.

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    Rip Michaels at Barclays Center (courtesy of Onthefly PR)

    You’re producing shows all around the country, selling them out.  You have one coming up on April 1st at Barclays Center in New York City.

    Rip: This is my 10th year doing the “April Fools “show. Tiffany Haddish will be in the building. Melanie Camarcho and Donnell Rawlings are on the show. And it’s just these legends that have been around for so long. It’s 13 comedians older and younger than I add artists. I got Da Baby, Fabolous, and Bobby Shmurda.

    I used to just sell out shows for myself and I was like, you know what, this isn’t fair. So I started bringing more talent with me cause I was doing arenas by myself and I was like, it’s time to showcase more people that aren’t doing what I’m doing. So I started putting these whole “April Fools” and “Fall Back in Love” comedy and music jams  Taking music and comedy and merging ’em together. And I’m going back after all the artists when R & B was R & B like Trey Songz. I’m on tour with Monica, Jacquees, August Alsina So many different legends.

    Rip Michaels (courtesy of Onthefly PR)

    Your ticket prices are maaaad low.  Why?

    Beyonce out here selling tickets for Blood Diamonds and  I always want to create something that’s affordable for everybody to go to. So when I do the $30 tickets, it’s on purpose. It’s meaningful. Cause I think a lot of people don’t get to experience what we do because it’s so expensive nowadays to go to concerts. I consider myself the Ross,  the Rainbow, the Payless of tours.  I think that people have such a good time when they can afford it. Cause it is expensive to come out and in these times people need to laugh at all the stuff that’s going on.

    You’ve been married for almost two years?

    To a red dot Indian? Yes. When you propose with a sharpie you be like, yeah, you get my point. She worked for a bank and she managed over 18,000 employees. So my wife is very serious but deep down, she was this silly girl when she took her hair out of the bun.  She is as funny as I am. That’s what brings us together. We’re merging the two cultures together. We’ve even started launching companies together. Like we have this thing called Babe, which is Black and Brown Entertainment.  We did our first event and my wife hosted it.  She’s getting her funny side out there. We had Russell Peters and Nick Cannon and we did it in Queens, which is the heart of Indian culture.  They own every store. That’s their borough.”

    Rip and Veronica Michaels (courtesy of On The Fly PR)

    How are y’all dealing with the cultural differences

    My wife is bringing me over to the culture.  I’m definitely getting submerged in the culture and learning how to eat with my feet and hands. But her parents did not accept me. Indians look like us but they don’t claim it.  They said ‘we are not liking his black skin. ‘ But I love the upfront and the boldness of it.  I love when people tell me to their faces they don’t like black people. I think that’s dope, but it’s just like, don’t be fake racist to me.”

    How do you keep it spicy in the bedroom?

    Rip:  Imma let my wife answer that one.

    Veronica:    I love unicorns, so I’ll dress up in a unicorn outfit. He’ll buy me the onesies and a lot of role-playing and just being ourselves and being super silly.

    And so, ladies, unicorn sex, that’s the move.

    Veronica:  That is the move into, like, energy and sensuality. And I’m not as experienced. So he teaches me a lot of new things. That’s really fun. But also taking the time to learn and being  honest about,our past, our traumas, the things we need to work through, that’s actually helped our sex life a lot.

    Rip and Veronica Michaels (courtesy of On The Fly PR)

    On Wild n Out there are so many beautiful baddies.  How does that happen?

    So big shout out to Danielle Crawley. This is a woman in power. She is Nick’s cousin and she’s cast every single person on ‘Wild and Out’ when it comes to women. She picks all the wild girls.  When I created the Wild N Out tour.  Me and Danielle went out to every city to make sure every single time we did Wild N Out Live, we picked girls from the city. They get to go on stage on the tour. And a lot of them have gone on to be on the show. be Fashion Nova models, and do actual modeling work. So big shout out to her because she actually has one of the largest female-owned casting companies in L.A.

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    Do you think all that Wild N Out girl temptation is why Nick has so many kids?

    “I think Nick has so many kids is just Nick. I think he’s opening up Nick Cannon daycares.  I don’t know if he’s really doing that, but he should invest in owning all the Chucky Cheeses.”


    What’s something about Nick that we might not know?

    Nick hates surprises, especially with how many kids he got unexpectedly.  So a surprise that I did with Nick was there was an older lady when Nick was into older women and she could take out her teeth. And I was like, “Nick, you like him older. So I got you a special treat. She’s a freak. in the bed and she can even take out her teeth.” When Nick wasn’t looking,  she took out her teeth and I ran across the stage and made Nick kiss her teeth.” He took me in the room and said, “don’t ever do that to me again.”

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