‘Ex On The Beach Couples’ Exclusive: Can These Couples Bury Their Old Relationships Once And For All?

    We’ve all heard of folks using terminology like, ‘You’re dead to me!’ after a breakup — but are the ‘Ex On The Beach Couples’ cast ready to bury their old relationships — metaphorically?

    Source: Courtesy / MTV

    Have you been keeping up with ‘Ex On The Beach Couples’ on MTV? We’ve got an exclusive clip from Thursday’s brand new episode where relationship expert and host Kamie Crawford breaks the bad news to the six couples that it’s time to bid adieu to their exes for good. She assigns them a very unusual task to metaphorically kill off their old relationships!

    Check out the clip below:

    Whoa… Do you think you could write your ex a eulogy? Or is that too morbid?

    There’s a lot of power in words. We’re not sure we could complete this task. Guess we’ll have to tune in to see how the couples fare!

    Can you imagine what these people are about to say about their exes after literally just spending time and healing some of those old wounds? Whew. MTV y’all not even playing fair!

    Ex On The Beach Couples airs Thursdays at 9PM ET/PT on MTV

    Will you be watching? The real question is whether you and your boo would ever consider doing a show like this one…

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