Shook Ones: Rasheem Carter’s Former Boss Says He’s Getting Death Threats, People Believe He’s Involved In Death

    Source: screenshot / facebook

    Rasheem Carter told his mother that a group of white men, co-workers, were after him and meant him harm. Days later, he was found decapitated in the Mississippi woods. Somebody has some ‘splaining to do.

    BOSSIP has been reporting on this case for quite some time now and to this point, we hadn’t heard anything from the man who is rightfully under public suspicion for having involvement in Rasheem’s grisly demise. According to News Nation, Luke Clements has been receiving death threats online from people who believe him a killer.

    We started getting death threats … They started making accusations for my wife and my kids, and then it was relentless,” Clements told NewsNation’s Ashleigh Banfield about death threats he’s getting from strangers online

    Press play on the video below to see more of what Clements had to say.

    There is no reported evidence at this time that Clements participated in any part in the pretty obvious foul play but investigations will continue.

    Listen, death threats and threats of sexual assault is out of pocket, wrong, and unequivocally a crime. Separate from that is the fact that police fanned the flames of public fury by so wantonly declaring that a decapitated Black man who reported fear for his life suffered “no foul play”.

    Anybody with eyes and ears can understand how shady that looks. Authorities in Mississippi better get on their jobs and figure this thing out…

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