Women Prefer Food Stamps Over Dinner with Soulja Boy, Rapper Responds | Video

    Soulja Boy performs at halftime of a basketball game between the Los Angeles Clippers and the Golden State Warriors at Crypto.com Arena on March 15, 2023, in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images)

    *Soulja Boy has responded to a viral video of women saying they would choose food stamps over having dinner with him.

    In the clip, a man from 856 Entertainment asks women in Miami if they’d rather have $250 in food stamps or dinner with the rap pioneer. Most chose the food stamp because, as many of the women noted, the artist is no longer relevant. 

    One IG user commented under the clip shared by The Shade Room, “I mean… Soulja a legend but the way food prices looking… I’d take them stamps too”.

    Another user wrote, “$250 in stamps VS one dinner with him I’ll take Stamps please and thank you. That’s at least a week of food if I get store brand, no snacks, only water and 3 meats and a possible.”

    A third added, “Soulja Boy even you would be the first rapper to pick food stamps over yourself, so let’s cut it out!”

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    Another person wrote, “Everybody broke cause they would rather have groceries than go on a dateclearly ya money can’t buy happiness but food stamps always makes one smile”.

    Reality TV star Tami Roman commented, “Soulja don’t be offended, food high af – you need $250 just for eggs.”

    Soulja responded to the video, on Instagram Live, saying: “Y’all n***as are gon’ die broke, broke-a** n***a,” he yelled in the response video, MSN reports

    “F**k-a** n***a. Y’all some broke-a** n***as. Y’all couldn’t go out to dinner with me if y’all wanted to,” he added.

    In response to his reaction, one Instagram user commented, “Why he mad? Food is expensive and his attitude proves that the food stamps option is the better choice.”

    Watch the video above and SWIPE to see the clip of Soulja Boy’s response.

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