Martha Reeves Launches New Fundraising Campaign for Hollywood Walk of Fame Star

    Casino Entertainment Legend Award recipient singer Martha Reeves attends the Global Gaming Expo’s (G2E) seventh annual Casino Entertainment Awards at Vinyl inside the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino on October 16, 2019, in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Greg Doherty/Getty Images)

    *Motown singer Martha Reeves has been unsuccessful in her fundraising campaign for a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

    As the Detroit Free Press reports, the stars come with a $55,000 price tag “to cover installation and other costs,” the outlet writes. The fee is typically covered by a movie studio, record label, or fans of the artist who help raise the money. 

    Honorees are expected to launch private and public fundraising efforts. Reeves, 81, has had no luck in securing the funds, and her two-year nomination window to do so is set to expire in June. 

    Reeves’ former manager reportedly dropped the ball when it came to the fundraising efforts. So her new manager has launched a campaign to secure $55,000. Fans can donate at

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    “Martha’s former representation got in over their heads on this,” said Los Angeles talent agent Chris Roe who signed on last summer as Reeves’ manager, per the report. “They didn’t realize how hard it would be and wasted a year of fundraising time. Now we’re down to the wire.”

    Roe has held similar fundraising campaigns for two other clients, actor Malcolm McDowell (2012) and late filmmaker George A. Romero (2017), according to the Detroit Free Press. 

    “It doesn’t take much to make a huge impact,” Roe said, the Detroit Free Press reports. “Doing without three or four Starbucks coffees for a week is a pretty nice contribution. A donation of $25 goes a long way.”

    Roe is determined to secure Reeves’ star among fellow Motown artists on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

    “This honor bestowed upon Martha has meant a lot,” Roe said. “That star is there for generations to come, and Motown will always be stitched into the fabric of our society. So it’s a great accomplishment, Martha is very deserving, and I’m happy to take her across the finish line.”

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