Kandi Responds To Tamar’s Argument Allegations, Denies Her ‘Dating Show Contestant’ Checked Todd

    The never-ending Kandi Koated beef with Tamar continues, but the Xscape singer set the record straight on how it all started.

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    Kandi Burruss and Tamar Braxton have exchanged another round of shade and shots at each other over their backstage kerfuffle. We all know Kandi doesn’t play about her money and her man and the Queens of R&B star and her husband, Todd Tucker, clapped back at Tamar and her “dating show contestant” for allegedly misspeaking on both.

    As previously reported Tamar alleged that an argument between them escalated to threats flying including one from Todd Tucker who said “you know what it is.”

    On Kandi’s Speak On It”  YouTube series, however, she said Tamar was the only one looking for a fight and that she started the drama before that argument.

    “Tamar and I, yes, we had words. When I first saw her, no I was not having any intention on having beef with Tamar. Okay? That was not my intent. My plan was to just say ‘hey,’ and keep it pushing,” Kandi said.

    “What she did not say to you guys was she had already unfollowed me on social media. I know she has you guys thinking that I was upset about the Dish Nation interview. That’s not what my issue was,” she continued.

    The Grammy winner acknowledged that messy questions come with the territory of doing interviews. Her issue was doubling down on a business dispute that had nothing to do with Tamar.

    Kandi recalled some of the conversation “got very aggressive in the way we were talking to each other.”

    She said Tamar went off when Kandi compared her shade to publicly siding against Tamar in her past disagreement with WeTV.

    “When she started doing all that, yeah, I started flipping,” Kandi admitted.

    That’s when Todd stepped in, not to bully Tamar as she claimed, but to help Kandi de-escalate, said the housewife. She included clips of Todd pulling up to “woosah” her temper away during beefs with her fellow housewives and said that day was no different.

    “He was like, ‘Kandi, stop! You already know what it is. Stop!’ That’s what he was saying to me. He was not saying it to her,” she explained about the alleged threats.

    See why Kandi says Tamar’s “dating show contestant” checking Todd is “fake news” after the flip.

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