India Anderson: Self-Taught Braider Launches Precision Ruler Comb | VIDEO

    India Anderson

    *India Anderson is a Florida native, self-taught hair braider, content creator, and DIY enthusiast who launched her passion-based business in college. Indy Bindy Braids is open for booking hair appointments, braiding tutorials, and sales of her latest hair comb creations.

    Despite being in its patent process, the Anderson precision ruler comb is expected to be the next big thing in the hair industry. The comb is designed to measure the part of each braid, ensuring neat braids.

    The entrepreneur talked about using social media to take her brand to the next level, her latest invention, and her thoughts on Women’s History Month.

    How Is social media beneficial to your brand?

    India Anderson: Social media marketing has taken my braiding business to a different level tenfold. So, not only was I able to reach out to clientele specifically in my area, because those are the people that will be booking the appointments, but I was also able to push out my content to the rest of the world so that I can eventually get paid to do that as well. So, it’s created not only exposure for my business but another stream of income, which in return also grows the business. It’s been life-changing, and I would say COVID-19 has a lot of credit to give because everybody was in the house and on the internet, so everybody was trying to figure out how we could use social media to our advantage to grow our businesses.

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    What can people expect from your new invention?

    India Anderson: I’m so excited. I came up with this idea not too long ago. I probably should have done a little bit more testing before I was, ‘You know what, here world!’ But, a lot of people tell me that my parting is very neat and [ask me] how I get my part [s] all the same size. Some people struggle just trying to advance to that next level, and I wondered why there isn’t a tool for this. It has to be a little bit easier than eyeballing it. So, I decided to put my idea into a prototype. I was messaging manufacturers to see if we could print a ruler on a comb, and it wasn’t a thing yet. So, I decided to put it into play, and people love it. I’m glad it’s helping people because I even use it, even though I’m seasoned. But just holding up a ruler to ensure that your eyes aren’t deceiving you is helpful.

    What message would you like to share for Women’s History Month?

    India Anderson: Knowledge is power. I think that in today’s day and age, even though there is equality and all that stuff, I do feel like sometimes women are overlooked. I don’t know if it’s based on our looks, appearance, or body types, but knowledge is power. If you sit down to put in the work to [gain] knowledge, nobody can take that from you.

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