Gabrielle Dennis Talks Apple TV+’s ‘Big Door Prize’ Role | WATCH

    *Apple TV+ has a brand new comedy series premiering this month.

    “Big Door Prize” takes place in a small town where everything is pretty routine and everyone knows one another. Or so they think.  

    One day a mysterious machine appears in a general store, but it’s not just any machine. It can tell you what your true potential in life is.

    As more people find out about this machine the residents of the town are flocking to the store to see what it will say. As people begin to change their lives and personalities – one man isn’t as excited as the others.  

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    Dusty, played by Chris O’Dowd (Bridesmaids), isn’t as eager as his neighbors to find out this information. He is seemingly content with his life. His wife Cass, played by Gabrielle Dennis (The Game, The Upshaws), isn’t feeling the same way as her husband. She is curious to know what else life could have in store for them.

    We recently sat down with Dennis to discuss the series.

    “Working on this particular comedy has been fun because of the levity of the show. It allows me to do just a little hybrid of both,” said Dennis. She is speaking about the balance of drama and comedy in this series. Because the show deals with some heavy emotional content, as people are discovering new things about themselves. She goes on to say, “you’re going to see some chaos being created.” 

    In this series, viewers will experience the intensity of a drama leveled out by comic relief. As viewers watch these characters possibly turn their lives upside down or right side up depending on their reaction to their potential. Fans will wonder if this was a real machine would people participate in real life?

    “I feel like when you’re given “the answer” there’s no work,” replied Dennis. For her, she would not take the opportunity to know her true potential. Would you?  

     Watch “Big Door Prize” streaming on Apple TV+ on March 29.

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