Caught On Camera: New Video Shows Police Officer Punching Irvo Otieno During Transport To Mental Health Hospital

    Source: CNN / CNN

    The fact that police officers are still brutalizing and killing people despite the fact that we live in an age where there are cameras everywhere including on their person should make clear to everyone that “defund the police” wasn’t as crazy as some folks tried to make it sound.

    Irvo Otieno was a victim of law enforcement’s wanton disregard for human life. BOSSIP has reported extensively on his “alleged” second-degree murder at the hands of 10 deputies and hospital workers and today we get even more details about what transpired. Last week, the video was released showing Otieno’s final moments as cops piled on top of him in the lobby of Central State Hospital during intake. WRIC is now reporting on new footage that shows a corrections officer throwing multiple punches at Otieno as he was pulled from his cell before arriving at Central State.

    In the initial reports, Otieno was described as “combative” during his hospital intake, and officers claimed they had to use force to restrain him physically. However, in the video, Otieno can be seen getting out of the police SUV and walking calmly with deputies inside the facility. So, at what point was he “combative”???

    It should be noted that defense attorneys for two of the defendants filed a motion to keep the video from becoming public. No shock there.

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