Beloved Oakland BBQ Spot (Everett & Jones) Hit Twice by Burglar in 2 Days | WATCH

    *Who can blame the owners of the popular Oakland barbeque restaurant Everett & Jones for being pissed off in the wake of being robbed 2 times in 2 days?

    The family-owned restaurant has been a Bay Area institution for 50 years. The sisters who run the eatery say they’ve never been targeted like this.

    First, a window near a side door was smashed just after 3 a.m. at the Broadway location on Monday, March 20. The thief kicked in the office door and used a power saw in an attempt to get to the larger safe, but was unsuccessful.

    The burglar made off with a cashbox and a smaller safe before running out, reports CBS News Bay Area.

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    Everett & Jones co-owner Nina Moore – screenshot

    The report continued by adding that around the same time the next morning, another window was broken. This time the owners suspect the same burglar brought what looked like an industrial tool, and even used the office’s outlet to power it. He took all the cash that was inside the large safe. The suspect was in and out in about a minute.

    “I’ll get emotional. I’m so upset. I feel like they stole from the wrong people. We are for the people. We give so much to this community; we hire those out of jail, those on welfare, students who never had a first job,” said co-owner Nina Moore.

    Via the video above, Betty Yu reports on owners of Oakland barbeque institution expressing frustration after two costly burglaries

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