Angela White FKA Blac Chyna Tells ‘Fox & Friends’ God Made Her Quit OnlyFans, Supports Kim Kardashian After Losing $100M Lawsuit

    Blac Chyna isn’t just turning over a new leaf as Angela White; She’s flipping the whole tree by making nice with Kim Kardashian after losing a $100 million lawsuit against her and appearing on Fox & Friends.

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    The reality tv star is switching up everything we know about her from her name and signature curves to the company she keeps. Page Six reports despite losing the defamation lawsuit against Kim Kardashian last year, she wants to support “Dream’s auntie.”

    If you barely recognize the influencer formerly known as Blac Chyna, everything is going according to plan. In addition to shedding her surgically enhanced curves and facial fillers, she seems to have dropped her longtime beef with the Kardashian family. In a recent interview, she rocked a shirt featuring the SKIMS founder to “support Kim.”

    “Well I love Dolce & Gabbana but I wore this shirt today because I wanted to support Kim. She did a collaboration with Dolce and I respect it and that’s Dream’s auntie,” White said.

    Kim’s brother, Robert Kardashian, shares 6-year-old daughter Dream with the model. This is a very, very new side of White, who still had a lot of smoke for the Kardashians recently. Earlier this month, she doubled down on previously saying “ALL OF THEM ARE BABY MAMAs.”

    Although White’s recent videos documenting the process weren’t judgmental, several fans clocked a conservative rebrand. Maybe Kim is the exception to the baby mama bashing since all her children were from her marriage to Kanye West. That’s not the only evidence supporting the Blac Candace Owens theories.

    blac chyna doing interviews on fox & friends. im not jarred by a lot of things these days, but this one made me blink a few times

    — tracy clayton jr the 3rd (@brokeymcpoverty) March 26, 2023

    Check out Blac Chyna telling Fox & Friends about God telling her to quit OnlyFans after the flip.

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