Throw In The Tile! Tyrese’s GF Zelie Timothy Said He Isn’t Her Type, But His Late Friend Paul Walker Is

    Tyrese’s girlfriend Zelie Timothy caught his reaction in 4K when she said he wasn’t her type or even the finest in the Fast & Furious franchise.

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    Jesus, take the wheel! It’s already hard to hear your boo has eyes for someone else, especially while on camera. Zelie took it way further by confessing that Tyrese’s late friend Paul Walker is her type. What started as a retelling of how the couple met nearly summoned the return of Cyrese.

    Tyrese seemed to be in disbelief when his girlfriend said he wasn’t her type and Paul Walker was 😂 Do y’all think she’s trolling Tyrese?

    — No Jumper (@nojumper) March 25, 2023

    “He wasn’t my type at all. My type was actually Paul Walker, rest in peace,” Zelie said, giggling.

    Tyrese touts his acting skills, but did the rigors of starring in Baby Boy train him to fake this reaction? He immediately froze mid-chew as the revelation washed over him.

    “He wasn’t my type at all, and my type is not white. I’m just saying I was more interested,” she continued, trying to soften the blow with shoulder and head rubs.

    “Don’t touch me,” Tyrese said as he shrugged off her arms.

    The awkwardness escalated as Tyrese processed the epic shade and silently asked himself, “How You Gonna Act Like That?”

    “So, you wanted the homie. You didn’t want me. You said I’m old,” Tyrese added, deep in thought.

    “You know all this already! I wasn’t your type either, so relax. And now we’re here. It’s like an actual love story. It’s crazy,” Zelie said.

    Did anyone else hear the book slam shut on that love story? To be fair, many people heard more about Tyrese ranting over his ex-wife than about his current girlfriend of two years.


    Tyrese, usher warned you. and look what happened? Gotta let it burn big bro. #tyrese #samanthalee #relationship #love

    ♬ Let It Burn Tyrese – Atomic Wings x2

    That doesn’t mean Tyrese isn’t (or at least wasn’t) totally sprung. In 2021, the 44-year-old broke the internet by shaving Zelie’s “Sweet Lady” on her Instagram Story.

    He went all out for Zelie last month for Valentine’s Day. On The Jennifer Hudson Show, the admitted “sucker for love” revealed he goes all out for romance.

    Unfortunately, the Fast X star seemed to feel more like a sucker than feeling the love in those clips. In the comments of an Instagram post about the viral video, Zelie insisted that none of this is news to Tyrese.

    Lmboooo guys it’s not that deep! When me and my man first got together I was honest and told him this straight up. This is nothing new .. just new to you,” she wrote.

    Maybe Tyrese and his influencer bae successfully trolled us all. We’ll find out, either way, the next time they overshare with the internet.

    Do you think the video was a joke or did Zelie have Tyrese shook in real life?

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